The Tuesday View: 12th July 2016

A thunderstorm overnight has brought temperatures down to the 20s and has provided the garden with a good drink and the gardener with the opportunity to do some tidying up… after all, I wanted to make my view look a bit respectable before showing it to you today! When I took the photos it was drizzling slightly, but already it is raining quite hard again.


Both the Lavender and the purple Linaria are going over – we had some pretty high temperatures at the weekend. But now the Perovskia is slowly becoming the focus, while the red rose (cut back this morning) is still going strong with plenty of new buds. The Centranthus has run out of steam and although I have only trimmed it back, I don’t think it will flower much more this summer… with no hummingbird hawk-moths to visit it has little function anyway, as the bees and most butterflies (except the skippers) seem to prefer the lavender and other flowers. And now my dwarf Buddleia (‘Buzz Velvet’) is also out (just behind the red rose at the top of the rockery) so the Marbled Whites and Tortoiseshells have been visiting its rich magenta blooms.


By next week my Crocosmia should also be visible (you can see the leaves behind/to the right of the buddleia) … exciting for me as they rarely flower in our normal summers. They clearly like a damp spring.

What changes have you observed in your garden this week? Do join me in sharing your view each week, to focus on the seasons progressing. Kimberley at Cosmos and Cleome also often shows us several of her views on a Tuesday, while I just focus on one. If you wish, leave a link in the comments so we can find you and can enjoy watching the seasons change in other parts of the world too. 😀