The Tuesday View: 19th July 2016

The strong morning light gives the rockery a different feel, and although the colours are not as intense as later in the day, I feel I must record this too. So today an image from around 9.30am…


The Perovskia is getting bluer and stragglier by the day – I do love the way it stretches out in all directions, unaware of any need to behave and tidy itself up a bit – exactly how I want it to be!

You may just be able to spot a splash of orange at the top of the rockery, dead centre (click on the photo to enlarge and zoom in)… my Crocosmia is starting to flower and it is wonderful! I will have to take more photos in a week or so, but here is an image of it taken from the top of the rockery, with the Perovskia in the background…


The Geranium sanguineum, near the bottom, is attracting bees for breakfast…


And the dark Day Lily, hiding at the bottom of the photo behind a Buxus, is enjoying the last few moments of shade before the sun reaches it too…


On the right, in front of the Golden Euonymus, the gorgeous Persicaria/Polygonum amplexicaule is flowering. I love the pale foliage of this one, ‘Firetail’, and the flowers are often still standing in November!


That is my view today, on a hot sunny July morning. Do join me in sharing one single view of your garden each week, to record the changes it sees through the seasons.

29 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 19th July 2016

    • Thanks Dorris. The colours are simply those I love – anything goes really, but this side of the rockery was supposed to be pink and blue in summer… the day lilies appeared from nowhere after some old evergreens were removed! 😉

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  2. Today we share the Perovskia flowering; but your rockery is still looking so much more green than my view. I like how all your plants have knitted themselves together to create a tapestry of differing textures and that lily is gorgeous.

    • Thank you Christina. I’m planning to add some more grasses in the autumn, with more Calamagrostis as one… Any (silvery) recommendations welcome! We actually haven’t had any rain for several days now, but when it rains it really pours and our water reservoir with water from the roof overflowed again, which has never happened in previous years! No wonder the mosquitoes are happy this year!

  3. Oh, I’m glad you showed us a few close ups this week to enhance the overall view! How exciting that your Crocosmia is flowering. My Russian Sage looks like blue mist now, and it is a gorgeous backdrop for all the bright flowers! I’ll be putting my view up late tonight or tomorrow–the bed I want to feature this week was half in bright sun and half in deep shadow when I went out to photograph it today, and that does not make for good pictures!

    • I am glad to hear you treasure your Perovskia too Kimberley. It can look terrible after a rainstorm, but always bounces back, a little bruised, but I love it nonetheless! I find late afternoon suits my view best, but watching the light and shade at other times of day is certainly helpful when thinking about new plants in the middle of winter!

    • I have a shorter Perovskia called Little Spire on the other side of the rockery, but it just doesn’t have the same impact as this big one. I suppose cutting it back hard in spring might help, but I do always worry there might be a late frost and play it safe, cutting down to about 30cm at most. We will just have to let them do their thing Amelia! ;-

    • Yes, Perovskia is a bit choosy. I struck lucky when I chose that spot for it, but two others have not flourished. Glad you have managed to join me again!

    • Hi Anca. The light can vary so much, and I like to try and capture the good and not so good effect it has on how my garden looks. I love stormy skies and that yellowish light that accompanies thunder… like now!

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  5. Isn’t it interesting to watch how the colors change in a garden, depending on the time of day and the amount of sunshine. My flower gardens in Maine were always at their peak this time of the year…your lovely one brings back pleasant memories.

    • Thanks Karen. I am glad I can remind you of your garden in Maine, and wonder if you grow anything at your new home. My garden seems to be changing daily at the moment, as new blooms appear and old ones fade. A wonderful month to be gardening!

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