In a Vase on Monday: Garden Joy

After using wild flowers recently, my Monday vases this week are made up of flowers from my garden alone.

Vase25th1Two small vases with a big backdrop!

The first has a snapdragon as its centre piece, then Verbena, Perovskia, Heuchera and Allium encircled by Japanese Anemones.




The second has a yellow Achillea at the centre, as well as a small pale pink Hydrangea with yellow tinges.


It also includes yellow Marigolds, a Clematis tangutica bud, a sprig of Euonymus foliage, some fading Sage and a Nigella seedhead.


It’s amazing what fits into a small vase, but I shall have to watch them carefully to keep them topped up with water.

The Crocosmia in the background is wonderful, and on the far right you can see the Lythrum I featured last week.


Do join in and share the joy of your garden in vase – or at least visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and some of the other vase-makers linking in from around the world.