In a Vase on Monday: Garden Joy

After using wild flowers recently, my Monday vases this week are made up of flowers from my garden alone.

Vase25th1Two small vases with a big backdrop!

The first has a snapdragon as its centre piece, then Verbena, Perovskia, Heuchera and Allium encircled by Japanese Anemones.




The second has a yellow Achillea at the centre, as well as a small pale pink Hydrangea with yellow tinges.


It also includes yellow Marigolds, a Clematis tangutica bud, a sprig of Euonymus foliage, some fading Sage and a Nigella seedhead.


It’s amazing what fits into a small vase, but I shall have to watch them carefully to keep them topped up with water.

The Crocosmia in the background is wonderful, and on the far right you can see the Lythrum I featured last week.


Do join in and share the joy of your garden in vase – or at least visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and some of the other vase-makers linking in from around the world.


46 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Garden Joy

  1. I love your vases Cathy. They especially look beautiful photographed against the landscape of your world. The yellow tinges on that hydrangea make it fit right in with the strong yellows. And those Japanese Anemones are precious.

  2. Two lovely vases, but for me the way you have married the hydrangea in with the yellows is pretty clever. I also like you use of seed heads in this one.

    • Thanks Noelle. Those hydrangea flowers are small this year but pretty, changing from mauve to pale pink and yellow, and then deep pink.

  3. Oh joy indeed – and as Christina said it’s the yellow one that really stands out, even to me who is often a bit reticent about yellows. It is such a thrill to have so many blooms to choose from, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing yours

    • I think I saw yellow marigolds on your blog a couple of years ago (?) and have grown them for the second year in a row. Everything is lasting so well too! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m amazed to see Japanese anemones in bloom already! Is the timing usual for you? If they appear here (and they haven’t the last 2 years, presumably due to our drought), they show up in September when the heat has abated a bit. I love the cheerful yellow vase. The yellow-tinged Hydrangea is an inspired touch.

    • Hi Kris. Yes, the German name is ‘autumn’ anemones, and I am always surprised when they open at the end of July even though it is perfectly normal here! They are a week or so earlier than usual, but will flower all through August, maybe longer I hope. πŸ™‚

    • It’s funny you said that as I was thinking the opposite – the flowers in the vase might want to jump out back into the garden! πŸ˜‰

  5. So beautiful ours have taken a beating with 8″ below normal rainfall 😦 Getting a little more tonight.

      • Do you have that new one in your area? We have 500 pregnant woman in United States that will now give birth to so many babies who will suffer forever 😦

        We do have green trees and some of my lawn is still doing OK but other parts are starting to go down hill all but the weeds lol

  6. Two lovely vases, Cathy! I particularly like the way the hydrangea blends the pink and warm hues πŸ™‚ So perfect with the Clematis bud and Achillea!

    • Thanks Amy. I rather like that hydrangea too and it has done fairly well in its pot getting plenty of drinks from frequent rainshowers. (We just had another shower – crazy weather!)

  7. Using the words of my 8-year-young godchild: “There is a party!” ….. (of vases and flowers). Brought together a variety of species, colours and joy! This is how summer should look like!

    • That is a lovely way of looking at the flowers – celebrating their own beauty. πŸ™‚ Thank you for such a lovely comment Uta! πŸ˜€

  8. What a complete joy it must be to be in your garden! I really enjoy your pictures! Wonderful to imagine being there smelling the lovely flowers and seeing the colorful beauty all around! Thank you for sharing! Have a gorgeous weekend. Koko:)

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