The Tuesday View: 26th July 2016

My view today is actually from Monday – luckily I had already taken some photos yesterday, late afternoon, as I knew rain was forecast for today… in actual fact it rained shortly after taking these pictures too. I think Bavaria has shifted somewhere nearer the tropics and our humidity is rising daily!


Most years the ferns, bottom left, are scorched and shrivelled by now – I usually cut them right back around the summer equinox, but with this year’s weather where we get regular heavy rain they might even last until the autumn!

The Perovskia is glowing like a blue beacon, with the Scabiosa ochroleuca in front now flowering too…


… and the Perovskia is also humming from the sound of bees…


I couldn’t resist showing another picture of my beloved Crocosmia, with the yellow Potentilla shrub as a backdrop…


And here is the view from a slightly different angle, photographed from the top of the steps instead of halfway down. I miss the Centranthus this year, which has almost completely gone over. I will have to think of another filler for high summer in case this happens regularly in future…


I hope you will join me in focusing on one view each Tuesday, to see how it changes through the seasons.

What is attracting the bees to your garden right now, and is your view still lush and green?