In a Vase on Monday: Shimmering

If you are in the UK, did you see Kate’s garden on Gardeners’ World last Friday? Wonderful! Do take a look if you missed it: the link is on her blog page here. I was able to watch it in Germany, so it may work worldwide.

 I also loved all the Fennel in Monty Don’s ‘dry’ garden (he is the host of the show), and his vase too… And his words are so true, that the purpose of creating a vase is “a celebration of what YOU like to grow in YOUR garden” and  not to win any prizes. Like Monty, I have also become much more at ease cutting things from my garden in the last couple of years since regularly joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly meme.


I actually picked these flowers a few days ago, as friends from Japan are paying me a flying visit today and time is short! The Golden Rod has been opening over the last week or so and was my starting point. I wanted something soft and airy to go with it, and was drawn to the unidentified grass (Miscanthus I think) now blooming in the rockery. For more airiness and light I added another grass and a few Scabiosa and Succisella flowers.


 Two Cosmos Xanthos were then added.


Then I noticed the shimmery effect of some Sedum buds just showing colour, and finally I cut one Sunflower ‘Valentine’.


I think if I was a bee I would be in heaven in here! 😉


It’s Monday, so go and cut some flowers and join us all in producing a vase for Cathy’s meme, and then visit her at Rambling in the Garden to leave your link and to see what treasures she has chosen for her vase today!


Have a great week!


40 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Shimmering

  1. ‘shimmering’ is right. You make golden rod look great in a bouquet. That is quite a feat in my book 🙂
    All is yellow or orange this week. Then in a month’s time we see the pale pastels, like japanese anemony and asters. I am always surprised at that, as to me pastels mean late Spring.

  2. Your vase looks so beautiful, Cathy!!
    Thanks for the link, a most interesting video from an amazing garden. I’m in the UK this summer, but have no TV so I enjoyed the video inserted.
    Have a great week,

  3. I have never thought of Goldenrod in the context of shimmering – but you are completely right, it does shimmer and the airy textures of the other elements make for a lovely vase. Happy Monday. I love Monty Don and will try the link.

  4. I love your exuberant vase, Cathy! That sunflower and the ethereal yellow cosmos are wonderful. Thanks for the link too. I was able to view the Gardener’s World episode and enjoyed the view of Kate’s beautiful grass-filled garden. I’ve been experimenting more with grasses in my own space. Although I’m still sorting out what will thrive under conditions of drought here, those that do are some of the prettiest plants I have, especially this time of year when the rest of the garden gets a bit ragged.

    • I think that is one really big advantage of grasses – they look so good later in the year and can often be left standing for much of winter too. 🙂

  5. Just lovely, Cathy, and the lemon-yellow is just the yellow I like, cheeky grasses too adding shimmer and lightness. Yes, I’ve watched Kate’s garden and think it looks great. Isn’t it wonderful how we can connect and inspire each other. Have a fab week(end)…b****y hot here, I hope me and the garden will survive this terrible heat wave 😉

  6. I just love grasses! For so many years I completely overlooked them, and then in the last couple of years I’ve grown so fond of them and I’m looking for new varieties that will do well in my garden. There are many! I definitely need to do some more research on Goldenrod. It’s my favorite in your Monday’s vase! Hope you’ve been enjoying your time with your guests, Cathy! 🙂

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