The Tuesday View: 23rd August 2016

A very quick post today, as I am off on holiday to the UK tomorrow, while my Man of Many Talents looks after the garden. If I don’t manage to get a view posted next week (somewhere in England!) you are still welcome to link in to this week’s post again if you would like to show us your own view.


Thanks to all those who have been joining me in showing the same view of their gardens week by week.


That rose is at it again! 😉

Hope to catch up with you all in a couple of days, with your vases and views and all.


Have a great week!

29 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 23rd August 2016

  1. Looking great, Cathy. That rose is lovely. Have a good holiday – the weather forecast is good (depending on where you’re staying!).

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  3. I’m adding a comment that seems to reflect what others have said! Oh boy, that rose! 🙂 It’s gorgeous. I’m so glad you are going to have time with you mum! Enjoy every minute…and your garden will undoubtedly be in good hands!

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  5. Hope that you are having a great holiday Cathy. I wonder whether you you escaped the rather dramatic thunderstorms that hit some parts of the country this weekend.

    • We did have thunderstorms on Sunday too Anna, and my parents also thought them rather exciting… but I must say the ones we get in Germany can be far louder and more frightening as they tend to echo in our valley! Luckily we haven’t had many this year though.

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