The Tuesday View: 30th August 2016

I am still in the UK this Tuesday –  so before you start wondering, this week’s view is a little different!


The red plant in the centre is, I believe, the beautiful Lobelia cardinalis that Frank featured in his post last Thursday. The plants at the back of this border must be almost three metres tall!

The Lobelia is in this border too…


These photos were taken on Monday at Coton Manor Gardens in Northamptonshire – a stone’s throw from my parents’ home.


The borders are beautifully kept and I always think they look fabulous in late summer. (The Spring gardens are, however, also quite lovely.)


Some of the planting combinations in this traditional English garden are just stunning. Look at this pale orange Dahlia, pink Echinacea, and the purple Asters behind.


If you would like to join me in sharing a single view of your garden each week to follow the changes across the seasons, please leave a link in the comments below so we can all take pleasure in it. I will be back to my familiar view next week, where my rockery may just possibly be showing some signs of stress as a heatwave continues for the second week in Bavaria.

Have a good week everyone!

34 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 30th August 2016

  1. The vibrant color in an English garden makes me think of an artist’s landscape. Just beautiful. I just loved the bench sitting out there in that great expanse of lawn. And echinacea is one of my very favorite flowers! I really enjoyed your Tuesday view from the UK, and enjoy every drop before you return home. 🙂

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  3. Such a lovely garden Cathy – hope you are enjoying your holiday in England. We are in Florida right now – such a shame – it would have been lovely to meet up – hopefully another time.

    • Hello Julie, hope your weather is calm – heard of a storm near the Florida coast last week. I was so lucky with the weather in the UK, but it is nice to be home catching up with my own garden now! 😉 My visits are usually fairly brief, but if I spend a longer time in the UK one day I will certainly try and meet up with some of my blogging friends!

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