The Tuesday View: 6th September 2016

Well, there have been a few changes to my Tuesday view since last time, two weeks ago. The garden held up well to the heat at the end of August and has been enjoying a little respite over the past few days, with cooler temperatures and quite a bit of rain.

TuesdayView6th1 The main change is that the Sedums are now open, contrasting nicely with the grasses and fern, which is now turning golden…


…and my pink rose Gertrude Jekyll has finally produced more than just one flower at a time after barely flowering at all earlier in the year. I like the effect next to the Succisella.


The Gaura lindheimeriย  (‘Summer Breeze’) at the top of the rockery has also filled out well and is producing lots more lovely pale pink/white flowers. I think the name so appropriate as it sways gently in the slightest puff of wind, even on a very hot day, making me believe there is a cool breeze!ย  Gaura is not always hardy in our climate, but this one seems to have got established, with its roots nicely protected under the Golden Euonymus.


The other Euonymus, which I planted last year (a dwarf Euonymus alatus), has started to turn a lovely shade of pinky red and orange… last year it dropped all its leaves in the summer in the stress of drought and extreme heat, so I am pleased it has got established now. It is hiding below the Perovskia from this angle…


If you would like to join me in following one view of your garden week by week to observe the changes as the year progresses, please leave a link below.



38 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 6th September 2016

  1. Wow…it is full and lush! So much color and blooms. I like the idea of guara swaying and giving the sense of a breeze!

  2. Beautiful. Love your Russian sage. Mine is wild and unruly … very different from the tidy samples pictured in catalogues. I love the swooshy wave form yours has taken.

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    • Hi Frank. It’s warm and windy now, so although the heat has gone some plants will need watering again soon. Those in this view though never get any extra water from me, so that is quite satisfying, and at this time of year I can just sit back and enjoy it!

  4. I liked your comment about “Summer Breeze,” Cathy. So often just staring at the garden and appreciating what is alive and thriving can bring a lightness to my spirit and add a gentle breeze, even in high heat! Your garden is really beautiful for this late in the summer. I’m quite impressed with all that wonderful color!

    • I am quite happy with the garden at this stage now too Debra! I can relax and enjoy it in September, knowing that any weeds and dead bits can now wait until autumn tidy up at the end of October! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. It does look different, the rain makes it look very fresh again. We arrived home last evening, I took some photos this afternoon so I hope to join you tomorrow, a bit late but never mind.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ Our nurseries have very little to offer at the moment. But my list for autumn online purchases is far too long and I must now make some decisions… A pleasant way to spend a sunny September afternoon though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Our nurseries really push fall planting, plus a few have half-price sales, which I love! At least you have the option for online shopping. I’m still awaiting my Blue Spires and calamagrostis. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We just walked around the garden and were saying how it is so different this year after all the rain we had in spring and early summer. Many plants that I usually have to cut down in July are still looking fairly green, including the ferns in the full sun!

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