The Tuesday View: 13th September 2016

September is the month when I notice the light changing in the garden most…. within a matter of days the evening sun no longer touches my rockery shown in these weekly views. Tall trees and the hills beyond our garden mean that as the sun gets lower parts of the garden sink into shadow in the afternoon. Today I took a couple of long shots earlier in the day…

I could see the long shadows creeping across the lower part even then…


And in the evening, at around 7 pm, the sun had almost disappeared below the trees at the end of the garden, filtering just a little golden light onto the top of the rockery…


I think thisย photo looks quite autumny because of the light, although temperatures are high (30ยฐC) and the plants are still very much in summer mode. I wish I could hold on to this weather, this view and the atmosphere this seasonal change brings for another 6 weeks or so! But then there will certainly be something new and exciting catching my eye next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Please join me in showing a shot of a single view of your garden each week, following the subtle as well as the dramatic changes the seasons bring. These views are, for me, enlightening.

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely week!


39 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 13th September 2016

    • September light is something special, isn’t it! Perhaps because we have been blinded for the past two or three months! I also can’t quite believe it is mid September already. But there is barely a hint of autumn here yet.

  1. I love your rockery and think it looks stunning now. Outside my office window, the Cornus florida is just beginning to show a touch of burgundy in its foliage…the first sign of autumn here. I’m looking forward to it, though. Our winters are mild and though temperatures will fluctuate, we have many nice days.

  2. Oh my gosh how simply stunning! I love the height you have at the back of the garden…..its truly breathtaking. I am about to embark in creating a new garden, where currently there is nothing, other than dirt. It’s a challenge but with a tropical climate and patience it will be fun to see how it progresses!


    • The height at the back is the woods, and a few trees within our boundary too, some of which were cut down at about 4metres height in spring with the intention of removing them completely… it still hasn’t been done! Good luck with the new garden!

    • Yes, with the late heatwave we have been glad of more shade. It does get a bit dull in winter as we have many evergreens providing shade, but we do love our trees! I am glad you have found this weekly meme useful as well Amy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. The effects of the light are beautiful. You have an impressive amount of bold, rich color and textures Cathy. Sorry to be a Tues. View dropout but my garden declined quite rapidly and I haven’t had time nor inspiration for it.

    • I am very fond of this view at this time of year and have even put a chair in a different spot so I can look at it while drinking a coffee! Never mind about not taking part Susie. I am sure your inspiration will return once temperatures drop and some rain revives your view. Have a good week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. In our region the heat continues and to visitors it might not seem like fall. But the changing light mesmerizes me. I love this time of year and predominantly it is the shifting light that makes it so special. Your garden looks just beautiful in your early autumn light, Cathy!

    • Thanks Debra! It is those subtle differences that we sometimes miss if not connected to the world around us, and that is why I have learned so much since tending a garden.

    • Thanks Anca. Look forward to seeing your view again – it has rained an awful lot here this weekend and everything is looking rather bedraggled at the moment!

  5. Thank you. I agree. Your garden looks radiant. I heard about that. That means monsanto will be poisoning us throught food medicine and the water.. sigh…

    Thanks for replying .

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