The Tuesday View: 20th September 2016

I waited for the sun in vain today, so my weekly view of the rockery is a little triste. Three days of rain made the Perovskia and grasses hang a bit, but they are already starting to dry out and perk up. It looks so different to last week. Autumn is definitely here!


The bees were clinging to the flowers and barely flying in this cool grey weather. There is still plenty for those paying a visit though.

I am still amazed at this Polygonum/Persicaria (‘Firetail’), which flowers for so long no matter what the weather does.


With the Gaura and pink rose this is a good spot to focus on again today.


If you would like to join in showing a weekly view of one spot in your garden, do leave a link below and share!

39 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 20th September 2016

  1. Lovely per usual. It looks like your grass has grown a lot in a week. ‘Firetail’ looks to be a winner for the garden. Is it perennial or self-sows? I fear the invasive nature of polygonums. 😉

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    • I have never seen your Persicaria. This one flowers for so long, unlike the others I have. The grasses and sedums always remind me it is the end of the summer.

  3. I just love that Persicaria! It really adds some distinction to the garden. It sort of pops up like an exclamation point! I can definitely see the difference between last week’s view and this posting. It seems you’ve had a relatively long season, and it may be hard to bid it adieu! And congratulations on your five-year blogging anniversary. For those of us who’ve been at it for about that long we recognize the commitment. You’ve been a faithful, regular contributor, too, which is very impressive. Congratulations, Cathy!

  4. How wonderful to see the seasonal changes to your border. P. Firetail is a firm favourite of mine, it seeds profusely (good) especially in composited bark mulch or gravel whereas the link or white forms of amplexicaulis are shy to do so. Great plant for late season oomph.

  5. The Polygonum/Persicaria (‘Firetail’) really sings out in the lower light levels of today’s images; I love its form too, I wish I could grow it here. Autumn really has arrived and it seems early to me this year, I’m not sure that’s true, it just feels like it.

  6. That Persicaria is a stand-out in your garden. I like it! The grass certainly adds to the autumnal feel. Our weather here is still summer-like, with more hot and humid days than usual for this time of year. I’m loath to admit that I’m ready for some real fall weather! It’s nice to see a slightly wider view of the garden this week!

  7. Love your photo series; I’m always torn by my feelings at this time of year, I hate the passing of summer and look forward to the spectacular colors of fall. I do know its coming, I can taste the fall that is in the air, I can feel the difference against my face on those early morning walks,

    • Hi Charlie. The mornings are quite chilly here too now, and it has already been misty, which is typical for autumn in our valley. That ‘taste’ is more a smell for me… woodsmoke, earth, dry leaves. Oh, and apple strudel! 😉 Thanks for visiting!

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