In a Vase on Monday: Perfectly Pink

Walking around my garden choosing flowers for a vase was so enjoyable yesterday morning… the sun was really warm, the sky blue, the bees were humming… and there was a delicious smell of lemon cake from my kitchen, wafting across the patio! (What more could you ask for!)


All these fabulous shades of pink, with my pink rose flowering again in the background, didn’t really need pepping up at all. But I added some bright orange Physalis alkekengi anyway. Just because.


And with the cooler nights I wanted to at least once see how the seedheads of the Castor Bean Plant (Ricinus communis) hold up in a vase. I like the way they look with the Sedum and pink Asters (Alma Pötschke). You can just about see them here in the background…


The pink anemone you can see in the above photo is ‘Serenade’, while in the photo below the shy white anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’ is peeping out from under the Sedum. I have fallen hard for both of them, as they have been flowering for several weeks now and are still looking so fresh.


And next to the white anemone this gorgeous pink Cosmos took me by surprise a few days ago as it had not flowered until then. It must be from a packet called ‘Double Click’, but I am not sure if that name is correct so any help would be appreciated in identifying it!


Of course the reddish pink Persicaria ‘Firetail’ had to be included, along with a single pink rose, a lilac aster, some grasses, a few Cosmos ‘Candy Stripe’, some Zebra grass, and a gorgeous peachy pink cactus zinnia…


Cathy’s Monday meme has made me look at my garden in a new and refreshing way, inspiring me to grow different annuals such as zinnias, and making me realise how much the garden can give at any time of year. Just as autumn has officially begun, and as I try to suppress any stray thoughts of grey winter days, my order for autumn bulbs and Amaryllis for my winter windowsills has arrived. Plenty of material for future vases! Thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting, and to all the other contributors for sharing their vases every week too.

Happy autumn!


46 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Perfectly Pink

  1. Beautiful pink flowers this week Cathy. I’m very envious of your blue sky in the background too! I think you’re right about your double Cosmos. It looks like Double Click which has double flowers in shades of pink and white then all the individual colours are available too such as Double Click Cranberry and so on.

  2. My bulb order has arrived too – need to remind myself where things were going to be planted! Amazing blue sky in your photos today – and what a pretty cosmos the double one is! I have always looked at them in the seed catlogues and thought ‘Nah, that doesn’t look like a cosmos’, but seeing yours I think it would grow on me, especially a pink one like this. Thanks for sharing

    • I have already got a Double Click packet for next year (‘Cranberry’) as it looked so pretty in the photos. I ordered from Chiltern Seeds in the UK this year as they seemed to have more choice than Thompson & Morgan and their website is lovely. Yes, the bulb planting will have to start soon as it always takes longer than I think. I haven’t dared count how many I have to put in! LOL!

  3. Gorgous colours in your vase Cathy. I think I will try that cosmos next year, it’s gorgeous.
    Blue sky, fabulous flowers and lemon cake. Life is good isn’ it? You are laughing in the face of autumn. Here too, it is still summer and we refuse to believe there can be such a thing as fog, frost and cold murky days.

    • I was quite impressed with that Cosmos too. Yes, we have had some beautiful late summer weather into autumn, with only a couple of grey days in between so far. It is very cool at night though and the colours are starting to change now.

  4. A joyful, coordinated pink vase, looks much more like mid summer than autumn so we can try to forget about winter for a while yet I hope. My bulb order arrived last week, always a bit scary as I always order too much.

    • We still have plenty of time for bulb planting Christina. I like to spread mine over several days and it looks as though the weather will hold for a while yet so I will get started at the end of this week. And then we have a long weekend with a bank holiday too. 🙂

  5. [D] How lucky you are to be able to walk round your garden with such a choice! Unfortunately, the storms of autumn – which arrive with the equinox – have already cleared the garden of anything more blowsy than the flowers of rosa rugosa! Enjoy your flowers, and thanks for sharing – a pity you can’t share the scent as well!

    • I heard you had storms up north. We have been so lucky this year with no bad thunder storms at all, and I have only had to tie up my sunflowers and a couple of Achilleas this summer. The only flowers that have much scent right now are the roses. 🙂

    • Hi Deb! I can’t believe it is nearly October. We have had such warm weather this week again, but you can’t fool the plants with a bit of warmth… the low night time temperatures and shorter days are quite noticeable now. You are right though, there is still a lot of summery colour out there!

    • The rain must have done both you and the garden good Susie. I am enjoying the blue skies as I know my plants don’t need much moisture now with the cool and misty mornings refreshing them.

    • Thank you Kate. I am loving all the colour at the moment – my asters are flowering better than ever with conditions being almost perfect for them this growing season!

  6. I missed you on Monday, so this is a nice Thursday treat. I would love to know the double click Cosmo as well! Very pretty and I like orange and pink together – many people shudder at the thought. It looks especially nice against the sky.

    • Thanks Amelia. I also love pink and orange (in fact I am just crocheting myself a pink and orange tunic!) and I don’t think they clash at all! 😉 Our blue sky is forecast to fade to grey at the weekend, but it has been glorious for several days in a row! 🙂

  7. Your colorful vase looks so pretty against that deep blue sky. I grew cosmos in my New Hampshire gardens but never knew there were pretty double blossom ones…lovely.

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