In a Vase on Monday: Persicaria et al

My vase this Monday includes three of the four Persicarias in my garden, and I intended to stop at three plants…. but as usual I was tempted to add a bit of this and a few of those and in the end it became quite a full vase! The vase is probably not actually a vase, but it caught my eye while I was at the garden centre looking for garlic bulbs. 🙂 I placed a smaller vase inside it.


On the left you can see the leaves and the white flowers of Persicaria Red Dragon. The flowers are tiny, but incredibly beautiful, with little black/deep purple spots on the petals…


In the background of the above picture you can see the Persicaria Firetail, which I have used frequently in vases – it lasts very well. The third Persicaria I used is called Lance Corporal and is quite different to the others as the flowers are barely visible, but their scarlet colour lights up the long stems along which they are placed. Below, one stem is clear on the right, next to the Pennisetum.


Lots of Heuchera flowers, a dried fennel seed head and two cactus Zinnias were also added, along with some Cosmos which is still flowering despite the cool nights and damp weather. (That blue sky we had last week sadly disappeared over the weekend.)


I also cut a few leaves of the Ricinus (on the right in the next photo), which is rebelling at the cooler temperatures… it has withstood cool nights for a couple of weeks now, but doesn’t like the shorter days.


I took a deep breath and snipped off one of the large Crocosmia seed heads too, to complement the orange zinnia.


Well, for the first week of October I am impressed with what my garden still has to offer me. I wonder what you could put in a vase this Monday. Do visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and why not join in too!