The Tuesday View: 4th October 2016

At around 1.30 pm I decided the weather wasn’t going to get any better, so I went out to take a few photographs of the view for this Tuesday.

It’s looking pretty autumny!


As I walked around I noticed how some of the yellowing foliage looks almost springlike – look at the Geranium foliage in the centre below… Yes, a slight brownish tinge to the edges, but such a fresh pale green.


The October light is almost as lovely as in September, as the foliage slowly releases a golden glow to everything around it. As you can see though, the rain has got the better of the Perovskia. There are still a few bees buzzing sleepily around it.


And the highlight today for me was the Linaria, sending up new flowers after I had cut it right down about six weeks ago…


So as some flowers fade (like the Gaura) others stand out even more.

I shall continue to show my view each Tuesday this autumn for as long as there is anything interesting to see, and if you would like to join me in observing one spot in your garden through the seasons, please leave a link below so we can share in your pleasure!