The Tuesday View: 11th October 2016

It’s another grey day this week. The sun tried hard to break through the clouds, but failed miserably, with rain later this afternoon. I took my photo of the view at about 2.30pm, while it was still a bit brighter…tuesdayview11th2

Thank goodness for the colour on such a drab day! There is more paling foliage this week, but the golden Euonymus and Persicaria Firetail brighten up this area, and several Geraniums are still flowering in the foreground.

Buried below the sagging Perovskia a brave little Persicaria ‘Blackfield’ is flowering again. This one is nowhere near as strong as Firetail, but it is also a lot younger so perhaps it will catch its big brother up one day.


At the back of this view you can also see the Japanese maple turning a lovely burnt orange… when the sun shines I will have to get some prettier pictures of it to share.


I am also pleased with the autumn colour of the dwarf standard Lilac tree ‘Palibin’ planted last year. It is in front of the tall pink rose at the top of the rockery, just behind the spiky Crocosmia foliage. The flowers were short-lived, but the foliage is at least nice all summer too.

Perhaps you would like to join me in following a single view of your garden through the seasons, posting a photo each Tuesday. It has been a very useful and fun exercise again this year, as I observe what works, what struggles and where the gaps are for new ideas. 🙂 Thanks to all those who have joined in so far!