In a Vase on Monday: Six in One

I received a lovely gift last week – a vase that is in fact six vases, filled with flowers from my friend’s garden. It has since been refreshed with some extras from my own garden and is looking very colourful as a table decoration!


It is divided into two chambers, each with three ‘vases’, which makes filling and topping up easier than six individual ones. And it seems to be dancing, as not every vase is standing flat.

The contents are much the same as my smaller vase last week: Cosmos Xanthos, Purity, Double Click and Candy Stripe. Cactus Zinnia…


… Geraniums, Asters, Roses, Sedums and Feverfew. Teucrium, Lavender, Pennisetum, Linaria, Japanese Anemone and Leadwort.


And a lovely blue Pincushion flower from my friend’s garden…


As we are now in the middle of October I suspect the number of flowers will gradually dwindle from now on, but for now I am more than happy with what I can find for my Monday vase. Thanks to our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, for this inspiring meme. 🙂


48 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Six in One

  1. What a cute little vase and the filling is delightful too but then I wouldn’t expect anything ordinary from you, dear Cathy! Happy Monday 🙂 That yellow Cosmos is breathtaking!

  2. What a wonderful gift. Trust another gardener to find the perfect vase. I never would have guessed that was a Zinnia. Thought it was a Dahlia. And a group of vases like yours are so much fun to fill, aren’t they — where you can really see all the different flowers.

    • I haven’t had much luck with Dahlias, but this Zinnia is a lovely alternative. Yes, it is nice to have such an abundant vase as a table decoration too. 🙂

  3. This is such am amazing vase, Cathy, with the separate compartments – such a great present. And you have filled it with beauties too – but the zinnia wil be foxing a lot of us! Thanks for sharing

    • Whoops, I think I just posted you my reply to Linda! Our internet is playing up…. That zinnia really is lovely Cathy and I am glad I still have some of the seed left but will try and find the same mix again anyway.

  4. I adore your new vase, Cathy! And a delightful mix of flowers you’ve added to it, too. I imagine this filled with flowers in the midst of winter, bringing a cheerful presence to the table. 🙂

  5. Your new vase is so cute! I especially like that the piece on the far left tips to the side, as if it slid in with its pals at the last minute. All the flowers you includes are wonderful but I remain thoroughly enamored with the cactus zinnia.

    • Oh yes, you’ve described that left-hand piece very well Kris! LOL! I am also in love with that Zinnia. I wasn’t too sure about zinnias in the past, but this one has won me over!

  6. I’m enjoying seeing such a variety of vases. I cannot believe that I don’t possess a single vase. Today I’m using old kilner jars given to me by a favourite great aunt. She was very keen on preserving fruit and making jam. Such happy memories of a kind and loving relative.

    • That is lovely Karen, and really it should be the flowers that play the main role anyway! I have collected a few vases recently, mostly as gifts also triggering happy thoughts. 🙂

  7. I really love that vase, Cathy. It seems to me that you’d never run out of creative ways to fill it! I really like the cactus zinnia. Zinnias do very well in our climate and I hope I can find some cactus zinnia seeds for next spring. It would be a stand out! 🙂

    • Oh yes, those Cactus are real eyecatchers. I think you should try some of those as they do make a great display. 🙂 There are different seed mixes available in various parts of the world.

  8. What a delightful gift! I like the way they’re leaning this way and that and that they are easy, as you say, to fill. Your flowers are gorgeous and so are hers. What a fun addition to your vase collection.

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