The Tuesday View: 18th October 2016

I started planting some bulbs this morning, but the drizzly weather got the better of me by lunchtime today. 😦

The autumn light is lovely though, and the rockery is looking so colourful still.


I think little has changed in the past week, except for some tidying up. The Perovskia was trimmed to give the Persicaria Blackfield beneath it some air, an old lavender plant was removed and another Calamagrostis acutiflora (‘Waldenbuch’) put in its place, and the peony foliage that has already flopped was chopped back to stop some ground cover Sedums getting smothered.


The Ricinus I planted out in the rockery is still going strong, and the colours fit in much better with the autumn reds and pinks.


Please feel free to join me with a weekly shot of one single view of your garden. I have enjoyed following the changes closely and hope to continue for a few weeks yet.

To close for today, a couple of shots of the Acer, which is possibly at its peak now and looks stunning even in the rain!



I think I will give up on bulb planting for today… after all, we still have time, don’t we? 😉 I shall spend the afternoon in the warm kitchen making pumpkin soup instead!

Have a great week!

35 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 18th October 2016

    • 85 degrees?! I have, as always, waited too long and now the damp cold has set in and it is pouring with rain again today. I am sure I will get a few moments to put the rest of the bulbs in though, and planting in stages makes it seem less daunting!

    • The foliage of the perennials really stands out in October too, and the Geranium leaves are also looking pretty. 🙂 (I do hope that won’t be your last view Eliza!)

  1. The acer is incredible! It deserves to be star of the garden for a while. Bulb planting sounds like such a worthwhile garden task for fall. I used to be more actively involved in planning for spring, and on occasion I’d plant some bulbs I knew would only have a very short life in our climate. But I loved the expectation. With our current water shortage I just don’t have it in me, but I haven’t forgotten how I loved waiting for the bulbs to begin to show above ground. I’ll look forward to hearing what you’ve planted, Cathy!

    • What I like about bulb planting is that over the winter I forget what I have put in, so when spring arrives there are surprises everywhere! 😉 So far a few yellow and lilac crocuses and some Camassias have gone in. Today I hope to get some anemones and one pack of short Narcissus in the front garden, but the weather may spoil my plans as it is pouring with rain at the moment! It is good to do a little at a time though, making it seem nore manageable – I always buy far too many bulbs and forget that they have to be planted too!

  2. Your autumn colours are splendid, and I’m amazed at how much is due to the Persicaria alone! It’s a plant I never grew even in my earlier garden. I think now I certainly would try it in an appropriate climate, given what I am seeing from yours 🙂 And of course, the maple… sigh… 😉
    No climate complaints from me this week, for all that! My Tuesday View shows that the garden and I are pleased:

    • You are right Amy, that Persicaria really has an impact with its bright leaves too and it will last until the first frost too. I am pleased your weather is to your liking this week…. here it is pouring with rain, but I suppose that is good for the plants!

  3. I see what you mean about the rocks, Cathy, now that I know they are there! Aren’t persicarias such useful plants, holding their blooms for long periods. My Fats Domino is still looking splendid and I wonder if you have managed to source one for yourself. Mine is sadly still too young to divide, I think, otherwise I could have sent you some. Well done for the bulb planting!

    • I couldn’t find a Fats Domino sadly, but have settled for an ‘Album’ instead… will be nice to see if it takes off like the Firetail. 🙂 Half the bulbs are in… just tulips and narcissi now, but being the larger ones they will take a bit longer. I have been planting them in short bursts of activity between rainshowers, which is actually making it easier and less daunting!

  4. Your acer is gorgeous! Look at that shade of red. Isn’t nature magnificent?

    There is nothing like soup on a cold, drizzly day. Here we don’t plant bulbs until November so I still have a bit of time. I love the reward come spring of all those unexpected greens pushing through the soil.

    • It poured this morning Alys, and the acer looked even better in the grey light, shining like a beacon out there! The soup turned out well – yes, perfect for this season and plenty in the freezer now for another ‘rainy day’. 🙂 Are you going to plant some new bulbs this year then? I have still got some daffodils and tulips to put in.

      • It sounds beautiful, Cathy.

        I am planting a few new bulbs. The narcissus comes up every year, mostly because they are unappealing (actually toxic) to the squirrels, but I’m adding a few things including more hyacinth. They’re one of my favorites.

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    • I feel the same – a sense of relief that another gardening year has passed happily and I can get tidied up. I shall be at a loose end once it’s done… until I get stuck into the mounting pile of gardening books I have collected! I have got about half my bulbs in, but now just the larger ones are left – narcissus and tulips, including a new parrot. 😉

  6. Love the red throughout the garden, It brightens and energizes this time of year. Busy time too with all the planting for Spring. Missed seeing your lovely garden and you too. Been busy, Lots of changes. Hope to be back to blogging regularly as everything calms down.

  7. Tuesday was the pits here Cathy – it simply poured down for most of the day. Making soup would have been a good option here too. I hope that you have had a chance to make some inroads with the bulb planting since. That acer is stunning. Which one is it?

    • I managed to get the last bulbs in on Friday, just before we had another downpour! Phew! The acer was here long before we arrived, so I only know it as Acer palmatum I’m afraid.

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