In a Vase on Monday: Three’s a Crowd?

I spent most of Sunday tidying up some shelves to make space for my increasing collection of vases, so now I can see just how many I have got! On the other hand, the number of flowers available this week is noticeably smaller. However, I salvaged some of the last colourful blooms for three small vases, all of which I inherited from a lovely lady who loved her flowers as much as me. 🙂


 This is the last of those gorgeous cactus zinnias, along with countless other bits and pieces. The Golden Euonymus produced some lovely berries. And the fern at the back has developed a lovely toffee colour. Persicaria, Pennisetum, Feverfew and the golden Buddleia round off the autumn colours.


The second vase is almost summery…


The last of the Fairy Rose, Cosmos Candy Stripe, Buddleia, a sprig of Miscanthus and look at that Geranium and fresh Aquilegia foliage!


The third vase was actually just an attempt to rescue the last rosebuds, which will certainly not open now as the days grow shorter and dimmer.


Along with some fresh poppy leaves which often appear in autumn, I added some Verbena bonariensis, a few grasses and that silvery green plant I can never remember the name of…


I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden once again, for her wonderful Monday meme. Do visit her to see what she and other contributors have found for their vases this week. 🙂

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