The Tuesday View: 25th October 2016

This will be the last regular photo of my Tuesday view for the year 2016, as it will soon be so dreary and bare that I will get depressed contemplating it. If it snows this winter I will definitely show a shot of it though! 😉 Here it is, around 3.30pm today…


The Perovskia will be trimmed quite low this week, and the red leaves of the acer in the background are starting to drop. There is, however, still the magical Persicaria ‘Firetail’…


… as well as the Golden Euonymus (which I tend to overlook as it is there all year round), providing cheerful colour on days such as this…


Slowly the rocks in the rockery are becoming visible once again – I will have to show a picture of them later in the year. I would like to thank those of you who have joined me, observing a single view of your gardens through the seasons. I have very much enjoyed seeing the changes – both dramatic and slight – in your weekly photos. It has certainly been a useful exercise for me once again, and I hope for you as well.

And, of course, also many thanks to the rest of you for visiting!


40 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 25th October 2016

    • I will show it once again some time in November Kate… the moss on the rocks is always lovely in the winter, and the Aubretia usually stays mostly green too. 🙂

    • Maybe in a couple of weeks Dorris, or if the sun shines! It is so dreary and grey here at this time of year. We get a lot of fog and mist in our valley which contributes to the collapse of many plants even before it gets really cold. I hope you will post your view again though, as those trees surely look wonderful as the background now….

  1. I’ve never seen the golden euonymus producing berries. Such a pretty colour. And the persicaria is such a long flowering plant. Thanks for sharing, and do keep updating us over the winter please

    • This is an old euonymus that was probably planted when the house was built in the seventies, so perhaps age plays a role? It usually produces a few berries, but this year it has been particularly pretty.

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  3. I still think your garden looks quite lovely, especially for fall, Cathy, but I can understand that from your perspective it is showing signs that winter is on the way! I am sure you will miss the garden delights, but I also really enjoy waiting with you, and share in your enthusiasm when the first signs of spring begin to peek out. There’s a richness in nature’s slumber, and your beautiful garden will surely appreciate the rest as well. 🙂

    • I am actually looking forward to a rest Debra, but am feeling quite sad that everything is dying down now. Still, there will be a few days in November to do the last tidying up and perhaps the sun will reappear too!

  4. It is sad to near the end of the garden season when you love gardening as much as we do. I try to tell myself that a rest will be a good thing and that spring will come again, but it isn’t helping much!
    I’ve loved watching your garden all season and thank you for hosting, Cathy, it has been fun!

    • That is exactly what I have been thinking Eliza. A rest will be nice, BUT…! My Perovskia has been trimmed down to about 40cm, and another lavender too, so now the whole view is looking ‘unpresentable’ and tired. It has been lovely to have you join me this summer Eliza! 🙂

  5. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that you have decided to stop the Tuesday view so soon and when the view is still looking great with lots of colour and interest. You have a lot of plants that should look interesting through the winter too including the Perovskia that I usually cut back in early spring. It has been good following everyone’s views. I know I missed again this week but I’ll try to get an image or two later when the rain stops and I’ll post them.

    • I have to cut my Perovskia back in autumn Christina, in case it snows – I find the constant damp doesn’t do the plants any good and rotting might occur. The moss looks nice in winter, and I will show a couple more shots at some stage, but I am so depressed with it at the moment!!!

  6. Your euonymous is indeed lovely – especially with the berries! It is curious to see your garden moving into winter dormancy just as mine is coming out of summer doldrums. 😉 We each have some difficult times for the garden, just in reverse… I am glad to get the chance to post the opening blooms on the Muhlenbergia today: And I will certainly look forward to seeing some winter scenes from your rockery at some point!

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  8. It still looks pretty, Cathy! You’ve done a great job at making that slope a garden for all seasons! The Persicaria just keeps giving and giving, doesn’t it?
    I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I last posted. Here is a link to an overview of October, and the end of my growing season! Thanks for keeping this meme up so well; it’s been really fun!

    • Thanks Kimberley! I will show the view again at some stage in winter, but right now it is depressing me to see everything deteriorating at such a rapid pace! Glad you have enjoyed taking part! 🙂

  9. I’ve been impressed with how colorful your view has been each week. Glad you shared the changing views with us. My own view rebounded a little but it’s still suffering from being very dry.

  10. I can’t believe I never got around to seeing your last view! It was only after I joined in this week that I realized I never actually linked back to your blog… Apparently I am falling apart just as quickly as the garden!
    I’ll hang on for another few weeks. The bed cleanup and grass cutting keep me distracted for the next few weeks and I don’t think too much about the bleakness to come. This weekend will be a struggle though as the clocks are changed and darkness falls just an hour or so after I get home from work. Thanks for hosting all year!!

    • Our clocks changed last weekend too – it’s practically dark by 5pm so I shall retreat to the kitchen or my gardening books for a few months I think!

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