In a Vase on Monday: Always the Optimist…

This Monday, as I join Cathy once more at Rambling in the Garden in the fourth year of her lovely meme, I really wanted to use the vase my sister gave me just one more time before the winter sets in, but was I being just a little optimistic? After all, it is a large jug – 1.5 litres at least…



Well, as those of you who join in each week will know, it is a constant surprise as to what we will find in our gardens and nearby hedgerows to put in a vase!


The Clematis tangutica seed heads were put to use again, along with the faithful Sedums (which are slowly collapsing, not at all gracefully), some Persicaria Red Dragon foliage and a single Scabiosa ochroleuca.

Until this morning the frost hadn’t quite got the last buddleia flowers – one yellow one in the picture above, and a couple of purple ones below…


The other purple flowers above are the Teucrium, along with some hedgerow snippets including Euonymus berries, and at the back some Bergenia leaves.

It was very cold outdoors yesterday (today even colder), so I moved the vase indoors to take a couple more photos and noticed how the light made the whole arrangement look more orange than pink. I rather like the effect.


A few sprigs of Miscanthus and a spent Spiraea flower were added to fill out the vase a bit more.


I also cut some Plumbago – the red foliage is lovely even after the flowers are gone. (On the right below)


And bottom right is a sprig of Oenothera.

I wonder what other bloggers have found in their gardens this week. Let’s go over to Cathy’s post and see who else has linked in with a vase today! 🙂

Have a great week, and don’t forget to look out at the supermoon tonight! 🙂