In a Vase on Monday: Recycling

This second week of December I am once again joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with a Monday vase. As it is very cold and very frosty I decided to just add a few snippets to the remains of last week’s vase with the lovely Mahonia at the centre.


I added some Hypericum and some sprigs of lavender, box and pine. The grasses and seed heads from last week were also reused.


A Christmas tealight holder was used as a container and all the other paraphernalia is my seasonal windowsill decoration. (Elvin the Elk is making his annual appearance on this blog!)


If you think there is nothing to pick in your garden, why not go and take a second look… it is amazing what you may find! 😉

P.S. I have also got a few small branches of Forsythia in a jug, hoping they will open by Christmas Eve… if you have already had a cold spell and cut a sprig from spring-flowering shrubs or cherry or apple trees now, they should flower indoors within 3 -4 weeks. 🙂

45 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Recycling

  1. Oh thanks for reminding me that now is the time to cut branches. I love all your collection of winter seed heads and leaves in the tealight holder. And Elvin is cute, did you knit his hat?

  2. IAVOM has really made me notice things like seedheads which are often such interesting shapes. I think I might have another ramble to see what I have got that the warmth might open up – Viburnum ‘Dawn’ perhaps…? Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful arrangements, and I do love your Christmas tea light holder. I am feeling very Christmassy now! I tried to do my arrangement today, but everything was completely frozen solid, including the water in my jars in the potting shed. So I’m going to runout tomorrow and do a late arrangement. Thanks for the reminder to cut stems for Christmas. I did this last year and we had cherry blossom on the Christmas table. The forsythia is still flowering here. I’ve only one stem, but I’ll post that now to show willing 🙂

  4. It’s lovely you could reuse so much – one big advantage of using foliage plants, I suppose! I’ll look forward to seeing your forsythia in bloom 🙂 And hello to Elvin!

    • Elvin is waving like mad too, and blushing at your compliment! 😉 It IS cold – icy and foggy, but the world is coated in white frost which brightens things up a bit!

    • Hi Sarah. It is supposed to bring good luck for the new year if your branches cut on St Barbara’s Day (4thbDec) open by Christmas Eve… keeping my fingers crossed! 😉

  5. Nice little arrangement you’ve created, Cathy. I love the amber tea light holder and Elvin is quite charming! It is true, if we look closely, there are things all around to snip. I was noticing some barrenwort today that was sheltered under the deck that is a lovely shade of burgundy. Maybe next Monday???

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