A Very Happy Christmas!

The beautiful countryside around us has been shrouded in thick fog and covered in layer upon layer of frost for most of December. When I heard the lovely carol “In the bleak mid-winter” the other day I found it quite apt to describe our surroundings here – the earth is hard as iron (although it has thawed a little in places in the last 24 hours) and the water in the bird bath is hard as stone again. But no snow still. (Sigh)

So I’m afraid I cannot post any pretty photos of frost covered pine trees, glittering in the sun with a blue sky beyond…. but I can offer a glimpse of our black and white world instead.


And I can wish you all a very Happy Christmas too!

I hope you have the opportunity to relax over the holidays, spend time with loved ones, read a good book or just chill out in front of a warm fireplace with a hot mug of tea…


Many warm wishes to you all!



44 thoughts on “A Very Happy Christmas!

  1. I remember being in Bavaria when everything was white from frozen fog, very much like your photos. Wishing you and your family the warmest wishes for Christmas and the new year.

    • Thank you Karen. Yes, it is often the case here in our valley that we get fog in winter, but it does make the trees look pretty and is second best to snow!

  2. I prefer black and white pictures (although I LOVE LOVE your colored photos of your herbs and flowers!!!) because they focus on the feeling of the scene – black and white denotes MOOD. And I dreamed about an English Fog in the countryside this morning. Therefore, seeing your photo of fog in Germany makes me smile! Cheers! And MERRY MERRY! 🙂

    • Hope you enjoyed your Christmas too. We are now getting a bit of the wind from the storms that swept across the UK and the frost has magically vanished!

    • Thank you Steve. And Happy Christmas to you too! I didn’t know Holst had written the music (or had perhaps forgotten) but I do know the words were written by Christina Rosetti. As there are two melodies popular in the UK I just looked it up – the other one, which I don’t like as much, was written by a man called Harold Darke.

      • I’d done the same looking-up before I left my comment, just to make sure I correctly remembered Holst. Only then did I learn about the second melody. As with you, it’s the Holst melody that gets to me.

  3. It’s lovely seeing your winterscapes, Cathy 🙂 – gorgeous photos in their winter monochrome! Where I lived previously (Kansas City), winter was usually a case of various browns, which could also be pretty; few conifers grew well there and snow occurred only a few times a winter. Despite which, it got quite cold!

    Thanks to you and Steve above for the info on the two versions of “In the Bleak Midwinter”!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Day!

    • Thank you Amy. The frost has now melted as milder winds sweep across the country. But we may see some snow soon… I hope so anyway!
      Hope you had a lovely Christmas. 🙂

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