In a Vase on Monday: Lemon Star

When I walked into my dining room this morning I knew something was not quite right. It was only later, while having breakfast, that I noticed that the first of my Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) to flower this winter was bent over at a dangerous angle threatening to uproot the bulb and put the second bud at risk. So I cut it immediately and put it in a tall vase. Then I realised it is not only Boxing Day, but also Monday – serendipity! I have a vase to share with you after all!

‘Lemon Star’


A neighbour gave me this bunch of red Amaryllis which are also lovely and cheerful on my windowsill.


Do take a look at some of the other festive vases posted for Cathy’s meme on Rambling in the Garden.


36 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Lemon Star

    • They are so temperamental – that’s why I always plant several to be on the safe side. From six bulbs only one has flowered so far, and two have buds, but the others are still dormant. I usually only move them to a warm spot and start watering sparingly when they have started to sprout, but maybe it’s worth a try.

  1. Happy Boxing Day! I was gifted THREE amaryllis, so I look forward to seeing what comes of them, one is white and blooming, but the rest are mysteries, including the wax-wrapped one that has only grown a few inches. At that rate, it may bloom by Easter – ha!

  2. Lemon Star does have a distinct yellow star in its centre but I almost overlooked it at first! Very pretty, and hopefully you will have a second one too in a little while. I received none at Christmas so I shall be looking for some more in the sales!

  3. That bloom was practically begging for a staring role in your vase! It’s very pretty and makes a nice pairing with the gift from your neighbor. There are still no signs of bloom stalks on the Hippeastrum here.

  4. So lovely, and how perfect to have blooms in both red and white 🙂 My potted amaryllis is a little late, but this year I intend to take courage and cut a stem… I think! Do you have any instructions? I am lucky to be able to grow them in the garden also: they make a wonderful replacement for border tulips, which I can’t grow without prechilling. But my garden amaryllis are still very far from blooming!

    • I have only cut Amaryllis flowers in emergencies so far, but will be more diligent in future as they do last well in a vase. Putting a wide elastic band or tightly tied broad ribbon around the stem before putting it in water helps prevent it from splitting so it should last better. 🙂

    • Thanks Christine – this one was a favourite last year and I managed to find it again this year too. Have never had much luck with getting them to reflower the following winter.

  5. A star that has fallen into your vase, how beautiful! Love that xmassy window decoration too, Cathy. We had a rescued wolfhound in Ireland for a while, big softies. Bet the little one helped you through the hard times when you lost your wolf. You get so attached to them. Mine is snoring in front of the stove, good place to be. Guten Rutsch & alles Liebe für 2017. Looking forward to ‘following’ your beautiful blog 🙂

    • Thanks Annette. Yes, our little dog has been a great comfort and is enjoying being number one doggie now! 😉 Wolfhounds are so special, but then I suppose each pet is in its own way. Wishing you a wonderful New Year too Annette, and am looking forward to hearing about the new book’s publishing date!

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