In a Vase on Monday: The Second Breakfast

‘Das zweite Frühstück’ – the second breakfast – is something I think of as being very typically German… school begins at 8am here, and most people are in their offices by then too, so the tum starts to rumble at about 10 am! (I suppose the British equivalent would be ‘elevenses’.)


I went to the baker’s this morning to fetch fresh pretzels (how German can you get?!). This one here is a speciality pretzel recently made popular by one particular bakery chain, but now available at local bakers too. ‘Bierbrezen’ are sprinkled not just with salt, but a spicy peppery seasoning that is quite delicious, especially if the pretzels are still warm from the oven! Perfect with that second cup of coffee.

But before sitting down to my second breakfast I took a walk around the garden, which is still partially white, but rather muddy as the snow slowly thaws. No new shoots yet, but I managed to find a few bits and pieces for a Monday vase, so I could join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly meme.


A few remaining grasses, some somewhat shabby Epimedium leaves, a sprig of reddish brown Mahonia (not flowering yet),  some Erica, a couple of sprigs of pine and some Silver Ragwort (Jacobaea maritima) that amazingly survived being in a (still) frozen pot all winter.


I am so pleased I found something this week and am hopeful now that spring might not be too far off. If, like me, you are still looking for snowdrops in vain, go and visit Cathy and you will not be disapppointed!


53 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: The Second Breakfast

  1. The bronze hues complement the tasty looking pretzel perfectly, Cathy. Personally, I like the way epimedium leaves age, it’s as though winter tans them like leather – so it’s nice to see them in your resourceful vase.

  2. I am surprised you didn’t have your pretzel as soon as you got back form the baker – but perhaps you were enjoying the anticiation! I have to confess that pretzels don’t instil any enthusiasm in me at all – which is why simple pleasures are such a personal thing 😉 I am so pleased you managed to find a selection of bits from your recently re-revealed garden, and like Kate I like the epimedium leaves and indeed very rarely trim the old leaves off mine. She is right about them complementing the pretzel too! I must remember the option for circular pictures on WordPress as that last photo looks so effective. Thanks for sharing

    • I think pretzels are a cultural thing – children learn to love them here from pushchair age and are given them to suck instead of rusks while Mum does her shopping! Not sure all that salt is good for them, but maybe better than sugar? I usually cut the old leaves off my Epimediums as soon as I see new growth, otherwise the flowers get hidden beneath the tatty old leaves. Ooh, a lovely thought – Epimedium flowers. Spring is edging nearer here at last!

  3. Oh, I love Bretzel, Cathy, and this one is stealing the show! There’s a huge difference in quality though and the best ones come from ‘Schwabenland’ (where hubby and myself come from). We were delighted to find that Lidl sells them here and often treat ourselves to one. Happy Monday and yes, the vase is pretty too 🙂

    • These Bierbrezen are our favourites, followed by the traditional salted ones from the smaller baker further up the road! Glad you can find them in Lidl Annette! 🙂

  4. I’m so impressed with what you found in your yard – a beautiful arrangement! That pretzel looks so good. I was thinking recently that I should try my hand at making some. Maybe this is the impetus to get moving!

  5. Oh my goodness that pretzel looks yummy. Thank you for sharing a bit of the background. The brilliant greens shine like a beacon from your vase, Cathy, screaming “spring will be here before you know it.” Meanwhile, enjoy that second cup of coffee. You’ll laugh, but it’s 9:00 am here, and my stomach literally rumbled when I read that sentence. Have a terrific week.

    • 🙂 I hope you are right about spring Alys! As soon as the snow has gone I must tidy up in case spring surprises me and starts sending up green shoots so I can’t step on the flower beds. It is awfully muddy right now though as the ground is still frozen and not soaking up the melted snow from the surface yet. Hope your week is great too!

      • It sounds like a slushy mess right now, Cathy, but I suppose you are used to that kind of winter. They’ve issued a flood watch for our area starting tonight and ending late tomorrow. We’re do for another big storms, while at the same time still experiencing land/mudslides from the storms in mid-January. We’re taking it one day at a time.

              • Thank you, Cathy. Nature is definitely running the show, and this is a good reminder to embrace that and to stay on our toes. More slides today, more closures and more flooding, thought the rain has stopped and won’t be back until the middle of next week. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

  6. The sight of your second breakfast is making me hungry and I just finished my first! It’s wonderful that you could find pretty survivors in your garden – I love the mix of browns, greens and gray.

  7. That’s a lovely colour combination Cathy. The glossy leaves look so healthy. I think that the erica marries the whole thing together, linking to the grasses and being such a pretty fresh pink. Spring is just round the corner, but there may be some bumps on the way.

    • The erica is about the only colour we have now after the harsh cold spell. And to think that I had a carnation flower all through the winter last year! I am hopeful that the worst of the cold is over and I will at least see some snowdrops or early crocuses soon. 🙂

    • I can see tiny green shoots appearing between clumps of melting snow! 🙂 My Tuesday view will have to wait until it is a bit tidier out there – just a muddy debris-strewn mess at the moment!

  8. Your arrangement is beautiful, once again, Cathy, but the star attraction, for me, is that pretzel! I would rather have something bread-like and salty above anything sweet! And I love the idea of a second breakfast. It sounds so much better than simply acknowledging another snack in the day. 🙂

    • Thank you Debra. When I was teaching I would often go to the baker’s in the break and get a pretzel that is cut through horizontally and spread with butter. Yum!

  9. Himself enjoys pretzels so he has peeked at your photo too Cathy. Meanwhile I’ve been admiring your beautiful blue mug with its flying birds. It looks almost too good to drink from. Hope that it’s warming up.

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