In a vase on Monday: March Marvels

Another week has flown by, and some very mixed weather with it. Wind and sleet mid-week made me wonder if winter was back with a vengeance, but then an extremely mild 15°C on Saturday brought on a few early spring flowers. 🙂

As I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with my weekly vase, Snowdrops are of course in the forefront…


And Amaryllis/Hippeastrum are flowering beautifully on my windowsill too…

But a few other spring flowers are making their debut appearance today: a white Hellebore, a single yellow crocus and one purple one, and three stems of this dear little pale blue Puschkinia that the bees were humming around on Saturday afternoon. Marvellous!


I wonder how your March began. Was it in like a lion, as the saying goes… out like a lamb. We can hope!

Have a great week!

54 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: March Marvels

  1. You must be thrilled to have these blooms after all that snow, Cathy! The snowdrops and hippeastrum are displayed beautifully but what a joy the little treasures in the last couple of pictures are too 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    • Yes, it is lovely to see a few dots of colour at last, and the hippeastrum are keeping the windowsill looking cheerful until I can pick more spring flowers from the garden. 🙂

  2. How beautiful! Puschkinia is a valued bee magnet in my garden – I wish more people grew it. I love the way it emerges from the soil. Fingers crossed that you have seen the last of the very cold weather.

    • I was amazed how quickly the Puschkinia flowered and the bees were there immediately! I was glad to see them, but also sad that they won’t be able to enjoy our pussy willow, which came down in a January storm.

    • The vase is indeed a ‘Snowdrop vase’, apparently! It is very delicate thin glass and I am always petrified it will shatter when I just pick it up!

    • I am hoping that was the last of the spring storms – just a lot of rain to come our way now apparently. It has been blustery so frequently this year that I am hopeful March will go out like a lamb. 🙂

    • Thanks Chloris. I was beginning to wonder if any of my early spring bulbs had survived the winter as a lot of the small ones have been lifted to the surface by hard frosts. Looks like they are tougher than I give them credit for!

  3. I love the snowdrops and the tiny spring posy, especially the Puschkinia, which isn’t a bulb I’ve ever seen here. I hope your weather continues on the pleasant trend. We’ve vacillated between cold days (our version of cold anyway) and warm ones but we’re definitely trending toward warm now. Our unexpected winter rains also appear to be at an end.

    • Thank goodness your rain has at last subsided. It was a blessing and a curse it seems, with those awful mudslides and floods. We have been forecast heavy rain tonight, but the wind has left off for now.

  4. So pretty Cathy and I am glad to see that winter is receding in your area of the world too. It is still wet and windy here but the temperatures are rising so there are plenty of flowers making an appearance – you must be so glad to see puschkinia and crocus flowers – I have yet to see a bee but am keeping my eyes peeled.

    • Hi Julie. We used to have a pussy willow which lured the bees into the garden in early spring, but it fell victim to a winter storm so I was especially pleased to see they liked the Puschkinia. Must plant more!

  5. Thank you for your kind comment. Bavaria – sounds so romantic. Is your climate very different from the uk? I have always wanted to walk where you are, but never made it.
    Your flower pictures are so dainty and delicate.

    • Oh, walking is an absolute delight near us, with the woods, valleys and of course the mountains further south. We often get hard winters here (such as this year with permafrost for about 2 months) and the summers are usually quite hot. Not ideal for serious gardening, but always a challenge! 🙂

  6. Your vase of snowdrops is perfection… 🙂 And I’m glad to see little Puschkinia getting a moment in the sun – an old favorite of mine from my earlier garden, where it usually bloomed too late (in April as a rule) and was rather floppy as a consequence. Yours looks much better adapted! Our weather here is mild turning to warm later this week – not wishing for a lion at the end of March, but it might be better than a too-speedy heatwave!

  7. Oh 15°C Cathy – it’s not reached those dizzy scales on the Mersey estuary just yet but we are promised a touch of warmth this week. It might just about edge into double figures. Both vases tug at my heartstrings but particularly the snowdrops. I like the way that you have complimented the amaryllis flowers with some green and red interest below. March began on a more like a lion than a lamb note.

    • I think our mild weekend was a bit of a tease, as it is cooler again now! The snowdrops were so welcome after the cold winter, and other flowers are still taking their time, so I should be grateful not everything is flowering at once really!

    • Thanks Sam. My snowdrops are lasting so well this year as it is remaining pretty cool, especially at night. They are such amazing little flowers!

    • Perhaps more of a crawl than a sprint Kate! But at least not everything is flowering at the same time, like some years. The snowdrops have only just got going really, and are lasting well. 🙂

  8. Simply beautiful, Cathy. I continue to admire your graceful snowdrops. The arrangements are beautiful and i think that using your very lovely curtains as backdrop makes for very special photographs!

    • The crocuses are opening now and really brought a big smile to my face today! Still waiting for the hellebores to open, but the buds look promising. 🙂

  9. Glad spring is coming your way, Cathy, love your vases! A week ago we left for the Pyrenees and got caught in a snow storm in the Montagne noire and yesterday we came back: 26°C! How crazy is that? I’ll dig up the Aster this or next week so watch out 🙂 Best xx

    • Hi Annette. Yes, odd weather – we had 15°C last weekend and then they had a metre of new snow in the alp region just a day later! It has only just reached double figures with a cold wind today, and is frosty every morning still. Enjoy that warm spell you are getting. 🙂 Oh, and good news about the Aster, thanks!

  10. Cathy, what a beautiful spring collection. I love that first vase with the beautiful shape and the abundant white flowers. They’re so fresh and pure and lovely. I’m glad you’re getting more warm weather, but sleet mid week? Good grief. It’s gorgeous here. Warm temperatures, clear skies and flowers blooming everywhere. Ahhhhh…

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