37 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Purple and Yellow for the Bees

    • As soon as the first flowers open they appear, like magic, from goodness knows where! This year I didn’t expect to see so many this early as they used to come intonthe garden for our willow catkins – the tree got blown down in a winter storm though. 😦

    • Absolutely! The news here tonight was not good – new ‘studies’ mean the EU will most probably approve the extension of the use of glyphosates in agriculture. 😦

  1. Crocus blooms are a bit like helicopter landing pads, aren’t aren’t? Here Crocus tommasinianus are nearly over now, but the swarms of honey bees working them was a magical sight (and sound).

    • I often wonder where the bees appeared from, as if waiting behind the bushes for the first crocus to open! I saw one today desperate to get into an unopen anemone bud… I shall have to see if it has opened yet but it must be good stuff in there! 🙂

  2. I saw my first butterfly yesterday too, also a Peacock I think 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful to see all these bees appearing out of nowhere when our early spring blooms suddenly materialise? Your photos are great!

    • It really is Cathy, and that is one reason I love gardening so much – seeing the wildlife up close and knowing you are helping the environment, just a little bit, is as rewarding as the flowers themselves! 🙂

    • A couple of people nearby have hives, but I would have thought we are not within normal flying distance… about 800m away? We do have a lot of wild bees here as well, but I am hopeless at trying to identify them!

  3. I have purple and yellow for the bees in my tropical garden as well. Crocus were always the first bloom that would appear as the snow melted when we lived in New England.

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