The Tuesday View: April 4th

April showers have refreshed the garden after a very warm end to March. On April 1st the temperatures were well into the twenties (Celsius) and the suncream and sun hat were unearthed! Time to revive my Tuesday View and to thank the other loyal bloggers who have kept this ‘meme’ going over the past few months while my garden has been dormant. Each Tuesday I will show one or two shots of my chosen view as I watch the changes through the seasons, and would love you to join me if you can.

So the old Tuesday View is looking greener, although the early Narcissi and Crocuses have now faded. But the ground cover Sedums are enjoying the freedom to run riot before the other plants put them in shade, and there are lots of tulips and more Narcissi to come. The Aubretia is just starting to flower, and the Lavenders are just showing new growth.

I thought I would show you another view for the next few weeks though (and perhaps occasionally the old one too, depending on any changes worth noting)…

This view is photographed from the opposite side of the L-shaped rockery, looking south-west and downhill. This part of the rockery actually has only a few rocks, but is very steep in places. This means much of it is left to its own devices as it is a little tricky to get up and down there.

In the foreground, under the acer,  you can still see my Buddha, who completely vanishes beneath the surrounding plants in summer. A Clematis tangutica climbs this obelisk, but is only just showing signs of life again. The two plant supports are for the yellow Achillea and my pink Alma Poetschke Aster, both of which get very tall and straggly even with the Chelsea chop.

 Here we are standing half way down the pathway…

This is the spot where Golden Rod and Fennel take over in summer.

And now a look from below, back up the slope…

The pretty pink tulip in the foreground here is T. humilis Violacea Black Base…

Hope you enjoyed the view, and have a good week!

21 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: April 4th

  1. You have inspired me to get on with the changes on my rockery Cathy. All your plants are looking very good in your spring sunshine, it’s amazing what a difference a few degrees of sunshine make isn’t it?
    I will try and join in with your meme whenever I feel there is a difference worth posting about, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Just beautiful, Cathy! I always enjoy visiting your lovely garden. Here in the Midwest, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of warm Springtime temperatures. We are seeing early color as miniature Irises, Crocuses, and Forsythia bloom. The Daffodils and Magnolia are just about to burst into bloom. This year, I think it would be fun to join in with your Tuesday View. Wishing you happy days in the garden, Cathy! ♡

    • That would be lovely Dawn! I do hope you join in. This meme has helped me focus on parts of the garden that need attention. Even if that just means doing the weeding! 😉

  3. We don’t see much of this side of the view, I liked the tour!
    Amazing how much this fills in over the season. Right now I see rocks and little rockery plants that somehow hold up to all the lush growth, I guess they don’t mind the second wave of color which surrounds them later.

    • I will probably have to change the angle at some stage when the acer blocks the view. Can’t believe how quickly things are changing already – those tulips have gone over now! The ground cover seems to survive being smothered in summer and comes back well year after year. In fact that is probably what keeps it going, as it has shade and moisture under the taller plants.

  4. It’s fun to see the garden from a different view because it also shows the scope of the area you’re working with! It’s a truly wonderful spot and you must get so excited when the snow recedes and you begin to see the tulips start to sprout up! They’re gorgeous. As you can well imagine, they do NOT do well in my garden, although I did grow tulips once. I think they lasted about two days before the poor little things just gave up against the heat. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your garden really take off in the next few weeks!

    • Things are changing daily here now Debra and those tulips have faded already after the very warm spell we had. But there are more to come! 🙂

  5. Things are changing daily here now Debra and those tulips have faded already after the very warm spell we had. But there are more to come! 🙂

  6. It is hard to believe that the garden was under snow a short time ago. I did not know Sedums were so hardy. I first got to know Sedums that survived dry, very hot summers and I presumed they must be fragile in the cold. Amelia

    • One reason why I love them Amelia! I have to choose plants that can cope with heat and drought AND survive the occasional bitter cold winter (like this past one) and sedums have never let me down yet. 🙂

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