In a Vase on Monday: Swan Wings

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. In Germany Good Friday is also a holiday, so we were able to do some garden tidying before the cold rainy weather set in on Easter Sunday!

This Monday I am joining Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her weekly meme with a rather special tulip. I have also made use of a new ‘frog’ for the first time!

Tulipa ‘Swan Wings’

I did try photographing it outside, but the wind kept blowing it over!

The Spiraea inspired this vase (along with wanting to try out the frog). The white tulip, barely open, seemed a lovely accompaniment…

I nearly titled this post ‘Snow white’, as snow showers have been forecast for this week. But the only predictable thing about the weather  in April is that it is unpredictable!

At the base of my arrangement I used fresh Alchemilla leaves, one of the first wild strawberry flowers, some Omphalodes verna ‘Alba’ and a white Muscari…

The bowl I used is my favourite blue rice bowl, bought in the Japanese shop I briefly worked in many years ago, and used almost daily for one thing or another. 🙂

(I just realised – those are huge Alchemilla leaves! Where did they appear from so suddenly! )

I shall be keeping my eyes open this week as spring rushes on and surprises me daily.

Hope you have a sunny week!


P.S. The above photos were taken on Sunday afternoon, and after the tulip had been indoors for a while it began opening… now it is clearer why it is called Swan Wings, with those feathery edges.


46 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Swan Wings

  1. I love Swan Wings and your arrangement of it is perfect. I’ve grown it in the past but sadly it isn’t one that returns for me, I hope you have better luck. We’re forecast zero temperatures this week which is a bit of a shock as I’ve already planted out some of my tomatoes!!!!!!!😳

  2. Gosh, that tulip is indeed gorgeous! I think Peter Nyssen do it so I shall try that for next year. The frothy accompaniments work well, but did you feel that the frog did its job too? I trust so 😉

  3. What a beautiful tulip! …and what a surprise about your weather. I’ll be in the Netherlands May 8-18 with a group and am hoping there will be a few tulips to admire, but honestly I rather see the gardens flush with roses and herbaceous perennials. I’m sure it will be wonderful, whatever is blooming:^) Hope you had a lovely Easter.

    • I am sure it will have warmed up by early May Marian. We had such a warm start to spring, so maybe this cold spell will slow things down a bit!

  4. What a lovely tulip! It looks just right with the Spiraea (yet another plant I can’t grow) and the tiny strawberry flowers are a nice touch. Happy Easter, Cathy!

    • Thanks Susie! I wondered what I had been worrying about – the frog is so simple to use. But then I had the best kind of stems to use – the woody Spiraea ones and the fresh thick tulip. The foliage was just dropped in the water and not fixed. The tulip is still standing tall, 48 hours later!

  5. That’s such a lovely bouquet, Cathy 🙂 It makes me think perhaps I should get a frog… but the best is the wonderful combination of dainty, frothy whites and green foliage! The fringed tulip is beautiful; in the Midwest I grew one (I think it was “Burgundy Lace”), and it seemed to come back better than most of my tulips. For what that’s worth… 😉

    • The frog was very easy to use Amy. I shall have to use it more often for holding things in place in smaller vases or dishes. We had lots of rain atvthe weekend, and snow showers too, so suddenly everything looks even greener!

  6. We also had a lovely long weekend and lots of gardening was fitted in. This tulip is a stunner and is going to be different every day. Enjoy the spring, unpredictable as it may be!

  7. D > Oh the joy of those Swans Wings! Tulips do well here, even so close to very wild seas and with viscous winter storms: their timing is perfect for our seasons. We’re reworking our borders to find make more space for bulbs – and tulips will feature strongly.

  8. Such a pretty tulip – would very much like to try it next year. Good to know your little bowl is used almost daily – too nice to stand in a cupboard. I particularly like what you did with the alchemilla leaves at the bottom. We take them for granted (their shape and fine details) in the garden often, and to see them show-cased like this is another reminder of how perfect they are. We had a little sleet yesterday and – yes – it seems there is a possibility of snow!

  9. What an elegant gathering of whites. I’ve had my eye on Spirea ‘Ogon’ for a bouquet but then it went “over the hill” while my back was turned. Happy for the chance to enjoy yours.

    • We had a week or so of really warm weather and everything was flowering and going over really quickly here too, so I should be grateful for tis cold spell I suppose!

  10. I was out of town much of last week, but before you post again I wanted to see what flowers you were showing. Swan wings! What a wonderful name for a most gorgeous and exquisite flower! It’s truly exceptional with all those little feathers. 🙂

    • It is quite a fun flower, isn’t it! The ‘wings’ curled very slowly outwards during the week and it lasted so well in the dish of water. 🙂

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