The Tuesday View: 18th April 2017

Heavy snow showers this morning made my ‘Tuesday View’ almost disappear from view. But I took a photo of it from the living room window anyway, worried it might be under a layer of snow later…

However, by the afternoon we had bright sunshine!

Thank goodness the snow didn’t stick around. It is nonetheless very cold still and there may be more wintry showers to come this week, along with frosty nights. (Tender plants on the patio have been covered with cloches, and the Cordyline is under cover again too.)

The Viburnum ‘Aurora’, which was in bud last week, is now open fully and smells heavenly!

The yellow tulips beneath the Viburnum are really pretty too…

I think they were in a mixed bag, and I can’t recall the name. Any ideas? They are quite tall. Here is one up close…

And the pink frilly tulips to the left (‘Weber’s Parrot’) are perhaps my favourites today!

Along with ‘Purple Dream’ …

I wonder what is flowering in your gardens today. If you would like to join me in choosing a view of your garden to share each week throughout the year, please do!


50 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 18th April 2017

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    • Thanks for the ID of the tulip Christina. I am pretty sure it was in a pack labelled ‘Tulip Mix’ or something similar! (Most Germans are not particularly interested in names!) The coldest night will be at the end of the week when the clouds have passed over and the sky clears. I shall have to wrap up a couple more pots tonight!

    • We have since had more snow flurries, more bright sunshine, icy hail and sleet as well as lots of rain… the tulips hang their heads a bit and then the sun comes out and they immediately perk up again!

    • My garden is hardy enough to cope, but the warm weather in March brought on the fruit blossom early and the fruit farmers near us are fighting to save their harvest! They have been spraying water over the trees to produce a layer of ice which should protect the blossom from frost. I don’t quite understand how, but that’s what they are doing!

    • Thanks Susie. It is still very cold – and with an icy north wind too. It should be a bit milder soon but with night-time temperatures around zero my seed-sowing will have to wait for another couple of weeks!

  2. Oh, what an April surprise! I’m glad the snow melted. I can almost smell the viburnum (mine won’t come for several weeks) and the tulips are lovely. I am esp. fond of parrot-flowering ones. Sadly, voles don’t allow any in my gardens.

    • My tulips were looking very sad when I looked out this morning – the frost doesn’t damage the petals though and as soon as it warms up they stand upright again! 🙂

    • They had forecast snow, so we were expecting it and I could cover a few tender plants in advance. Thank goodness the tulips don’t mind this weather! 😉

  3. what a difference between your morning and afternoon photos! All your tulips are lovely, they must really like life on your rockery. My view hasn’t really changed, hopefully by next week…….

    • The tulips are pretty reliable, and only thin out after being in the ground for several years. (I think voles or mice eat them!) I think. eing well-drained helps. The botanical ones look especially nice earlier in the year.

  4. So glad the sun was able to pop out again – I’m sure you’re ready to miss the snow for awhile 😉 Everything looks very springlike in the second picture… and your tulips are lovely! I’ve never smelled Viburnum; I suppose the scent would be hard to describe?!
    I’ve posted my Tuesday View – the usual, and then some! – this week:

    • I think the snow came down with the cold air from Scandinavia and Russia. A friend of mine was in Spain at Easter and came back from 33°C to our 2°C (daytime temperature) on Monday!

  5. Gosh – what a shock to see that. We felt a few flakes (snow/sleet?) yesterday afternoon, but lasted no more than a minute. I wish I knew the name of your lovely yellow tulip, but don’t!

  6. Oh my gosh, Cathy, that snow! I’m glad it came and went quickly, but what a shock. Those pink tulips are gorgeous! They’re among the prettiest I’ve seen. I’m sorry to hear that your gardening is now on hold. I hope this interlude is brief.

  7. The frilly tulips are just so delicate and beautiful, Cathy. I had to laugh at the photo of the snow, however. Our temps were summer hot this week…another example of why I can’t grow these gorgeous tulips! They’d wilt in minutes. 🙂

    • Yes, they do last so much better in cool climates. Although I am hoping for warmer days soon, I am also quite pleased the flowers are not going over too rapidly in our cool spell! 🙂

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