The Tuesday View: 16th May 2017

It’s hot! A few summery days lie ahead of us before the next thunderstorms are forecast, and I shall make the most of the time I have available to do some weeding and cut back a few things. As you can see in today’s view, everything is growing like mad and getting greener and greener!

I think some of that Lysimachia needs to come out before the clematis obelisk on the left gets swallowed up! (The bell has almost disappeared already!)

The acer is the star this week. It is a lovely fresh pale green at this time of year…

And if we look through it we can see the first of the irises…

And look, a peony has opened! It looks a bit like how I felt this lunchtime in the hot sun though!

The lovely aquilegia below (‘Rose Queen’) is actually not quite within the Tuesday view, but it is one of the first to open. The others are almost all mixes that have spread around over the years and are only just starting to bloom. They seem taller than ever this year!

If you have a view of your garden that would like to focus on and share through the seasons, please join me and my fellow Tuesday View crowd and leave a link below in the comments.

Happy May!

39 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 16th May 2017

  1. Cathy your garden is green and grown, lovely. The Acer has some very nice leaves and a refreshing green color. The Lilies are divine. The Aquilegia “Rose Queen” is much more precious than last week. I can not leave a view of my garden because I am not in my country house but in Madrid and goes for long because they are going to operate to my Father. Happy week. Greetings from Margarita.

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    • It is even hotter today March! My poor plants are all wilting. Hope we get nice gentle rain with the inevitable thunder storms though. (I shall rescue that peony before a heavy rainshower spoils it!) 😉

  3. It is lush and verdant. Love seeing the start of your irises–mine are at the other end of the cycle, just finishing. Enjoy your summery time this week.

    • Thank you Susie. I managed to do some garden jobs this morning but it got too warm for me! I need a few days of this weather to get acclimatised!

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    • This is my earliest peony, and always appears a couple of weeks before the others open. So I have lots more to look forward to and to share of course! 🙂

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  6. I think you are getting the same weather we are, halfway across the world! (Well, maybe not quite exactly halfway, but you get the idea!) It is the season for green, and I’m always glad to find something that will bring some other colors into the scene while we wait for the summer bloomers. Your peony is lovely; I look forward to seeing more of it on future Tuesdays. Here’s my view for the week, not too much different from last week’s:

    • I might just have to pick that peony Kimberley as temperatures are set to rise into the upper 20s (80°F) tomorrow, with thunder storms to follow. Always the same in peony season. But a great excuse to cut them to bring indoors! 🙂

  7. Lovely textures and soft greens. It is a lovely view you’ve created. Good luck with your lysimachia thinning. I’ve been trying to get rid of ‘Firecracker’ for 3 years!

    • Well, I took quite a lot out yesterday but when I looked at it today I think I could take out even more! I will never be rid of it completely, but it isn’t hard to pull up bits and I do like it when it flowers. 🙂

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    • It’s a heatwave today, but bearable with a breeze. Same weather here, we are due to go down to slightly cooler temperatures tomorrow to remind us it isn’t quite summer yet! The green everywhere is amazing, but then I say that every year! 😉

  9. I love the lushness of spring because things just thrive without us having to struggle. Lovely borders, Cathy. April has been so dry here but thankfully the rains have come and you can really see things grow. You know it has taken me all those years to find out that I love spring most of all the seasons. Have a good weekend xx

    • Hi Annette. We also got a little rain, but the hot and windy weather last week has dried up the garden and we could do with a bit more. Lovely weather for being outdoors though! Have a great week!

    • I suppose people think of flowers first when asked about their favourite colour. We do take greens for granted. The spring greens in all their various shades are at their peak here, and the poppies will be opening soon as beautiful contrast!

  10. I actually saw some Orchids growing in one of the gardens in my neighborhood, this week – a purple, with I think a light green undercoat, or perhaps it was yellowish – with a few black dots. Oh lord, describing it makes the flower sound AWFUL, but I was enchanted – a paper-thin petal flower, in that unmistakable Orchid SHAPE. And I’ve been trimming back the bushes. There’s a nest in one of those bushes, so I’m trying to be discrete. Yes, Spring is HERE. YIPEE! 🙂

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