The Tuesday View: 23rd May 2017

I actually took my photos for today’s Tuesday view on Monday (cheating a little due to time available!) but when I woke up this morning and raised the blinds, I was greeted by the first of my Oriental poppies. I know it’s just a small orange blob here, but soon the whole rockery will be lit up by them!

They were sown in containers many years ago, and then planted out late summer. Since then they have multiplied and come back reliably every May.

Now back to this year’s Tuesday view…

The Siberian irises are now opening alongside the early peony. I like these much better than the straggly bearded iris…

The Aquilegias are in full bloom now too, here with both bearded and Siberian Iris in the background…

And beyond the rockery across the ‘lawn’ the day lily foliage and Aruncus are getting taller and taller…

If you would like to join me in showcasing one particular view of your garden each week, to follow it through the seasons, please do! Just leave a comment below so we can find you. Thanks also to all those who have started to join in.


Happy gardening!

25 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 23rd May 2017

  1. It certainly looks like the garden is really starting to come alive. I had Siberian irises growing in our apple orchard that I always enjoyed when they were n bloom.

    • Hi Karen. Yes, alive and kicking and all the trees are now in leaf! The poppies and Siberian irises signify summer is just around the corner! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • My Siberiam irises last much better than the bearded iris here… strange! They are going to look good with the poppies when they all open. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Susie. I really recommend trying to grow Oriental poppies. I did have some pink ones too, but they are not as reliable as the red ones.

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  4. Like everyone else, I love your Columbine. When I was young, my father transplanted some out of the forest bordering our property and put it in near the house. I told everyone it was Shooting Star flower! The Siberian Irises are nice. I have several bearded irises, but they must be unhappy with their conditions because they bloom only sporadically. Here is my entry for this week–I waited an extra day to get better light conditions for photos!

    • That’s a good description for the aquilegias! My bearded iris don’t last as well as the Siberian irises and are also not as reliable. I think they prefer a bit more moisture than my garden can offer!

  5. Aquilegias are precious as the Siberian Iris. Oriental Poppies are very pretty. Beautiful contrast against the lawn. I can not teach my garden because for reasons of my Father’s health we have not been able to go to the country house. Greetings from Margarita.

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