The Tuesday View: 6th June 2017

It’s raining! 😀

We have had light rainshowers on and off all day. Not really enough, but better than nothing! (Update: 3 hours later – those gentle showers have turned into very heavy rain. Yippee!)

Perfect weather for showing my Tuesday View as my garden suddenly looks green again.

In the foreground the Lavender is showing a tinge of colour before it opens. And on the right the tall blue Campanula persicifolia are now open too, while the hardy Geraniums continue to provide splashes of various shades of pink.

The yellow Lysimachia is in full flower. Doesn’t she look harmless?…

The Clematis tangutica ‘Orange Peel’ on the (far too small) obelisk is also in flower…

But my favourite colour here at the moment is this pretty Geranium (I think it is G.’Rozanne’) among some Stipa gigantea; next to the red poppies it stands out even more…

Looking down to the left, at the front of this view, is the lovely Melica ciliata, which I have also seen growing wild on one of our walks nearby.

I pulled loads of the Lysimachia out just a few weeks ago… I could have removed a bit more, but it is lovely while flowering!

As spring progresses into summer, focusing on a particular area of the garden is so useful to me. Why not join in! Just leave a comment below with a link to your view this Tuesday.

Have a great gardening week!

36 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 6th June 2017

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    • We have certainly had a good measure of rain now (and a bit of hail added in!) so I can look forward to the next few sunny days in the garden again! 🙂

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    • Thanks March. We needed these cooler days and the rain, but it is warming up again today and I will be quite glad as I was getting acclimatised to the warmth!

  3. Cathy’s garden is full of flowers and greenery. I’m glad for the rain. I love the yellow Lysimachia. The Geranium “Rozanne”? is beautiful. And the pink splashes of the Geraniums I love. I like all her flowers. Good week. Greetings from Margarita.

  4. Lovely and fresh looking Cathy! God bless the rain. Your tongue in cheek comment about the Lysimachia made me giggle. I have a friend who keeps trying to force/give it to me. He calls it ‘Barbara’ – I would love to meet his friend that he named it after! That Melica is a sweetie. I must look out for it in the wild; I’m bad at noting those things, but since I love ‘wildlings’ should make more of an effort. After a 2 (or is it 3?) week break, here is my border:
    Have a great, refreshing week after the rain!

    • Hi Cathy. I am usually hopeless at identifying the grasses that grow in the countryside around us, but I spotted the Melica in an old stone quarry on the edge of woodland and it made such an impression on me I actually bought a book to help me identify it! My favourite nursery also had it in stock, so I was lucky!

  5. I love the starry flowers of Lysimachia, but it does want to take over. I’ll be thinning the ranks after they (and the sundrops) bloom. Your poppies, geraniums and clematis as beautiful as well.
    It has been pouring all day today. The antithesis of last year’s drought, we are drowning! The farmer’s fields look like rice paddies. Let’s hope it dries out soon or the crops might be seriously impacted. Mold, fungi and slugs are having a field day!

    • It sounds like you are having the kind of spring we had last year. In August I still hadn’t had open toe sandals on as there was at least one rainshower every day! Hope it dries up for you soon Eliza. The slugs and snails are such a nuisance if it stays damp too long.

  6. We had plenty of rain yesterday but as it was accompanied by gale force winds it did more harm than good.
    I love June flowers and your garden looks very fresh and pretty. But I think the Lysimachia comes with a health warning, it does have ambitions to take on the whole garden.

    • The hot drying wind we had with our heatwave was also very damaging. But we have had a lot of rain now and the garden is bouncing back. Luckily this Lysimachia has stayed in the same bit of the garden for several years and not spread any further. I do keep it in check though!

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  8. Oh that rain must have been so welcome Cathy. The plants and wildlife will have really appreciated lapped up a long drink. I’m not sure whether your geranium is ‘Rozanne’, which has a distinct white centre, but whatever it is it makes for a most attractive patch of prettiness.

    • Then it might be Geranium ibericum ‘Vital’, which I also planted at some stage… the labels disappear beneath the jungle! We had plenty of the wet stuff for two or three days, so we are all feeling refreshed! 🙂

  9. On the subject of lysimachias have you tried Lysimachia ciliata ‘Firecracker’ I think it is a wonderful plant with its deep red leaves and contrasting yellow flowers but I grow it in the poorest of situations as given its head it can be even more rampant than your Lysimachia punctata.

    • Hi Rick. Yes, I have seen it, and I do like the foliage, but I wouldn’t ever plant a Lysimachia anywhere! This one was in the garden when we came – in the driest and poorest soil of the whole rockery, and there it stays…. so far! I can’t imagine one that is even more of a thug than this one! LOL!

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