In a Vase on Monday: Heavenly White

Philadelphus virginalis (Mock Orange or False Jasmine)

This week’s vase is in memory of our dear neighbour, Mr Barth, who passed away last week at the spectacular age of 105. I have mentioned him frequently on this blog; as a regular Sunday afternoon visitor he tested many of my cake recipes over the past few years. And I also gathered wild garlic from beneath his Magnolia tree each spring.

He will be missed.


This  beautiful Philadelphus is climbing into a nearby tree and several stems were drooping over the pathway, definitely an excuse to cut them!

I added a single peach miniature rose to the base of the vase, and secured the heavy branches of the Philadelphus by using my wire flower holder.

This Philadelphus is the sort that smells heavenly.

I wonder what smells good in your garden this Monday.

Do visit our host, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, to see her beautiful irises as well as what others have found to plonk or artfully arrange in a vase today!


52 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Heavenly White

  1. I love the perfume of Philadelphus Cathy, it seems so long ago already that mine was flowering. Your vase is a lovely tribute to your neighbour, 105 is a wonderful age, I’m sure he enjoyed tasting your cakes.

  2. Sorry to read of the passing of your friend, but what a grand, long life he had. I imagine you were entertained with great stories in exchange for your cakes.
    Your Philadelphus must smell divine, as do my peonies this week. I like the colorful garden backdrop in your photo!

    • We had some very interesting conversations over the years – having lived in Berlin through both world wars and into the seventies, he obviously experienced a lot of history first hand.
      The garden is still full of colour, but the grass is brown already!

  3. Your Mr Barth sounds like such a treasure. Lovely tribute Cathy. The philadelphus fragrance must be wonderful and the rest of your garden visible in the background is looking very happy.

  4. Lucky Mr Barth to be able to enjoy your garden and cakes. I bet you are as precious to him as he was to you. This strong scented Mock Orange is a as pretty as it is fragrant. I like those double blooms. Happy IAVOM.

  5. What a lovely neighbour Mr Barth sounds, Cathy; he will be missed. I was suddenly aware of a philadephus in our neighbour’s garden which I am sure can’t have flowered before as it really stopped me in my tracks! Your vase must smell wonderful too and I do so like this vase that you have used

    • When a mature shrub finally flowers it must be a lovely surprise! Fortunately I have never had to wait as this one was here when we came. 🙂

  6. How lovely to have had such a relationship with a neighbor. What changes he experienced in the world. I’m growing a dwarf Philadelphus and I must get down on my knees to smell it! Perhaps not the wisest choice! Having it a nose height must be much more enjoyable.

    • It is a lovely plant John, especially if it can grow up through a taller shrub or tree. You have a beautiful Chaste tree instead though! 😉

  7. My condolences on the loss of your wonderful neighbor, Cathy. I expect he enjoyed your company and your beautiful garden as much as your cakes. Your vase is a lovely testimonial.

  8. Cathy is sorry for her dear neighbor: 105 years is a long life. His tribute to this precious Philadelphus with an intoxicating scent and the small but no more beautiful flower of Peach is a detail. Have a nice week. Greetings from Margarita.

  9. A beautiful homage to Mr. Barth. You will think of him everytime a few lovely stems of Philadelphus appear in a vase. I wish I could catch a bit of the scent, must be divine with a bit of Rose.

  10. White honour, dignity, grandeur …! Yesterday I´ve seen a very special white foxglove (more than 2 meters high) in a forrest Breathtaking. Indoors I have a gardenia in flower. I shower it daily…. and have a wonderful scent in my room.

    • How lovely Uta. I also saw a wild foxglove a couple of weeks ago – in almost complete shade it was white with purple and pink tinges.

  11. I am sure you’re going to miss your dear neighbor, Cathy. It’s really something to consider such a long life! Your Monday arrangement is really beautiful in its simplicity. The white is gorgeous, and the beauty of the added rose is perfect punctuation! 🙂

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