The Tuesday View: 20th June 2017

Each Tuesday I take a look at one view of my garden and follow its progress through the seasons. (Do join me if you can! Just leave a link below).

Not much has changed since last week, except that many of the plants in this area are beginning to look a bit frazzled (along with the gardener!). In addition, harsh light is making photos a bit tricky. But here is my view for today…

This is the driest part of the garden, and despite giving it a good drink with the hosepipe on two occasions, it is suffering from the heat, drying winds and lack of rain. No rain in the forecast as yet either…

Looking through the Acer I can see some orange blobs next to the Aruncus…

The Day Lilies have opened!

You can see the view better from the opposite direction in the morning light.

Another highlight today is the Stipa gigantea next to the red Lychnis coronaria.

Lychnis sow themselves all over this slope and, as they are pretty drought tolerant and love sun, I let them take over to fill the gaps.

If we don’t have rain soon I will have to switch to the south rockery for my view next week, as this south-west side will have only burnt offerings I fear!

Is it hot where you are? If so, what is standing up to the heat in your garden best this week?


47 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 20th June 2017

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    • I suppose we see our own gardens too critically. I know what you mean about the Lychnis, although they usually last a bit longer here. I think everything will go over earlier this year with such heat and drought so early in the summer. But everything is relative and I am sure your drought is worse than here.

    • I leave lots of them in until they start growing and smothering other plants. Then I can just pull up the ones I don’t want. The white ones don’t seem to like my garden though and never set seed, despite several attempts….

  2. We’ve had heat, and dreadful humidity, but we’ve also had rain–half an inch yesterday. In the pictures, your garden doesn’t look too parched yet! I love the Lychnis, and am very pleased to finally have some in my own garden, thanks to a friend who is overrun with it! I have a problem area in our yard–a fairly steep hill that’s very hard to mow and receives full sun most of the day. I think I’ll tuck a few Lychnis plants up there and see what happens! Haven’t done my view yet, but I’ll post the link once it’s done!
    —PS– I think “Orange Blobs” would be a fine new name for Daylilies, LOL!

  3. Aruncus, daylilies and lychnis, a fine showing despite the heat. It has been hot and humid here with thunderstorms, so at least there is rain, just an inch last night. Hoping to dry out a bit today so I can get a few chores done!

  4. Cathy’s garden is green despite the drought. The orange lilies are beautiful. The red Lychnis with the Stipa gigantea form a beautiful pair: the flowers of the Lychnis are very beautiful. As for the heat and the drought I continue in Madrid for my Father and except today, we are at 40ΒΊ C. I am looking forward to going to the country house where it is much less hot, but until my Father has just recovered, in Madrid. I hope it rains in your garden. Greetings from Margarita.

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  6. Don’t daylilies add a certain flair to the view. I love them, but wish they would keep going longer as they are such big plants. Lychnis is wonderful too. A friend is giving me some seedlings which should be white with a pink blush. I hope that they will add more depth to the existing shocking pink display. Your garden does still look green! Another day at over 30 degs predicted tomorrow, then maybe storms and slightly cooler weather.

    • I agree – day lilies would be wonderful all summer long! I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. It seems we are due for another week of it!

  7. Same here, Cathy, and no rain in sight either. We just have to try and be strong like our plants. Watering might just save them from death but it certainly doesn’t let them thrive unless you water big time. Your garden is still looking good though. Hope you’ll get the chance to relax and enjoy it too. Best wishes xx

    • Thanks for the thoughtful words Annette! Yes, the plants will struggle again (your aster is still so small despite tender loving care!) but they will no doubt survive. A lesson for us perhaps! Hope you have time to enjoy your garden and pool this summer… oh what a delicious thought jumping into cold water! πŸ˜‰

      • I’ve also taken clumps of the Aster and planted them elsewhere and they do so well without water – my plant of the year, haha! As for cold water…you must be joking, my dear, it had 30Β°C yesterday and air temperatures went to a roaring 37Β°C. Whoever gets through this will be hard to kill in future πŸ˜‰ , keep smiling xx

    • Lychnis are one of those plants that pop up in unwanted spots like pathways and choose whether they want to stay or not. Fortunately the red ones seem to like the conditions here, but the white ones never return!

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  9. Daylillies are so courageous don’t you think? They will keep coming back and giving blooms and more blooms. Your garden looks super. Here is my Tuesday View!

  10. We’re in the middle of a heatwave, Cathy, but I say that so often it is hardly news! I know what it feels like to watch your garden faint for lack of moisture! I do hope some cooling and refreshing rain comes your way soon!

    • And it is so early in the summer for such heat and drought too. I can so sympathise with you too. We are hoping a passing thunderstorm migt give us a drop of rain…

  11. No heat wave here today although it was humid and warm for a few days prior. Also we’ve had plenty of rain…. I’m waiting for the axe to fall, and I’m practically tempting fate by planting more annuals than normal in the driest parts of the garden. We will see how It works out.
    Lychnis is beginning to flower here as well. It’s a favorite unlike those orange daylilies πŸ™‚
    Here’s my contribution, thanks for hosting!

    • I suppose it is all relative Amy, but ‘lush’ to me is an English border with vivid green grass! LOL! Most of my plants withstand the heat but look better without it. Last summer was ideal, with all the rain we had, and some years it never gets really hot. This is one of those dry scorching summers already. We can only hope it doesn’t last all through July and August too!

  12. Darn this crazy heat. The wind is no help, either. Your daylilies don’t seem to mind, though, and have provided you with a lovely pop of color. I hope you’ll get some rain soon. We don’t expect a drop for another three months.

  13. Love the Orange Blobs! My day lilies have sulked for years, despite being split, although strangely there a couple coming into flower that have never flowered before

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