In a Vase on Monday: A (Strong) Summer Breeze

My goodness, it has been windy! Although temperatures are still rather high, the breeze at least meant that I could bear to go outside and do some much needed tidying up, which led to this vase… some snippets from trimming and an exciting discovery – an Astrantia finally flowering in my garden!

I have used the lovely tree of life vase that my sister gave me last year – so appropriate as she is here to visit. 😀

This Astrantia major is called ‘Shaggy’. Such a common name for such a regal flower I think. I would have called it something like ‘Victoria’, or ‘Estelle’…

The funny thing is, I gave up on Astrantias a long time ago. Then last year I was sent this one with an order by mistake, and since one plant I had ordered was no longer available I was able to keep this as a replacement. I was sceptical…

… I planted it in a shady spot last spring and it did not grow an inch. So in the autumn I moved it to a semi-shaded area. And now, suddenly, it has appeared amongst some Alchemilla. I had completely forgotten about it. What a lovely surprise!

Other ingredients in my vase this week are: Alchemilla mollis, which is starting to flop in the heat, some Honesty (Lunaria rediviva) seed pods – still fresh green, Poppy (Papaver orientalis) seed heads which were mostly removed from the rockery (poppy foliage tends to swamp other plants and was wilting anyway), a few sprigs of Coriander and Heuchera flowers, a tiny sprig of Euphorbia seguieriana cut down by mistake, and some Teucrium hircanicum. Teucrium is one of the few plants that has survived this heat and strong drying wind almost unscathed. Its tall purple spires look like Veronica, but last all summer and set seed like mad. I also added some spikes of  Briza media which, in its second year, has got established enough for me to cut some now. I cut another grass – Melica ciliata – to complement the tall Teucrium, along with a few twigs of young birch foliage.

Three cheers for our host Cathy at Rambling in the Garden who will, I hope, be putting her feet up after having a ball ( 😉 ) having opened her garden again yesterday.

Finally another picture of the Astrantia – I can’t get over it! An Astrantia in my garden! 😀