The Tuesday View: 27th June 2017

A brief look at the view today, as it is still rather hot and now very clammy too… yes, we have had RAIN!

At the top of the picture you can see how the Aruncus has been scorched a lovely caramel colour, complementing the Hemerocallis. In the foreground on the right the Clematis tangutica continues to flower and form pretty seed heads too.

The Teucrium hircanicum is flowering beautifully now, and despite coping well with drought it looks better for having a good soak all morning. It loves the well-drained position on the slope and has slowly spread throughout this side of the rockery.

We have been forecast thundery showers for the next few days, so the fresh greens should return.

Are you focusing on one area of your garden this year? Why not share a view of it each Tuesday and join me and the other Tuesday View crowd by leaving a comment below!

Have a great week!