The Tuesday View: 4th July 2017

It is a warm and muggy Tuesday as I take my photos for my weekly look at the south-west rockery.

The ants have just flown and the sun keeps disappearing behind threatening clouds, but it remains dry. The garden has benefitted enormously from showers over the past five or six days, and the red Lychnis continues to provide splashes of colour.

The lavender is at its peak and the golden rod is standing tall, regardless of rain or drought, sun or wind.

The Perovskia on this side of the rockery will be opening soon, as will the Achillea in the round plant support in the foreground… it is just starting to show some yellow.

Here is the same view when the sun disappeared behind another cloud!

I look forward to seeing other Tuesday views this week. Do join me if you can!

32 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 4th July 2017

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    • Hi March! I sometimes feel I am obsessed with the weather, but it does make such a difference to the plants! The Alchemilla needs cutting back soon – fresh growth will come but I still hate that job as it looks so bare afterwards! Glad you managed to sort out your wordpress problem. πŸ™‚

  2. Cathy the Lychnis continues with her pretty red flowers. The Alchemilla is already beginning to show its yellow color, I love it. The Perovskia will soon open. You have a lot of flowers on the way! Glad it was raining. The garden is beautiful. Greetings from Margarita.

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  4. I think it looks great considering the heat and humidity. I guess that weather has more of an effect on the gardener than on the garden…
    I’m still very impressed with the teucrium, it still seems as fresh and colorful as before, and I think I should find a source this winter!
    Here’s my view, I almost got it done this morning but then holiday festivities needed to be attended to πŸ™‚

    • Oh, the garden was wilting long before it got to me Frank…. it was just alck of water that made it suffer. Thank goodness we had lots of rain last week. The Teucrium is an amazing plant and it would be interesting to see how it grows in your garden. Hope you had a good holiday!

  5. Oh that patch of lychnis looks most striking Cathy. Do you grow the white form too? Hot and humid and flying ants doesn’t sound an attractive proposition 😦 I hope that your weather turns fresher soon.

    • Anna, the white one simply will not grow for me! No idea why! The ants were gone within minutes so it was just an odd event to witness as several nests within sight all flew within seconds of each other!

  6. I’m glad you showed the garden when the clouds rolled in. It changed so dramatically! My lavender is so pretty right now and I’m sure the heat is soon going to beat it back! It’s one of my favorites. I love achillea and look forward to seeing yours in bloom. Muggy weather is tiring, but it doesn’t seem to be taking much of a toll on your beautiful view! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Debra. The lavender often gets singed here too, and I try and cut some as early as possible to save. I have one shrub that flowers a little later and escaped the last heatwave so still looks fairly fresh.

  7. Your Lychnis is lovely, and all that lavender is wonderful… πŸ™‚ Love that you put in the two shots with and without the cloud cover! I wasn’t able to do a post today, but look forward to it next week!

  8. I do like your support for the Achillea. One of mine was ignored and now is drooping over a poor support – such a shame. They provide such a bright spot at this time of year. Amelia

    • This Achillea was enormous last year but a lot of it died in the winter so it is taking a while to fill in the huge support for it! I love them in all colours, but this yellow one likes my garden best I think.

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  10. Cathy, your view continues to be striking with the extensive plantings. Love the red Lychnis so much. I need to buy a pack of seed and reestablish it in my own garden.

    • Oh yes, the little splashes of pink are so welcome once the other flowers wilt in the heat. πŸ™‚ I will have to try seeds for the white variety again too.

  11. I love that brilliant pink! What a gorgeous punctuation to your lovely garden, Cathy. I’m glad to hear you’ve had some scattered rain. We’re heading into another heat wave this week, but fortunately not the triple-digit kind. Not a drop in site. Have a terrific rest of your week.

    • Hi Alys. We just had another thundery shower and it has cooled down a little this evening… I hope this heat doesn’t continue all summer as I will melt (which would make a horrible mess! πŸ˜‰ ) Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Luckily we’ve got rain too in the meantime and everything is looking fresh again (for how long though?!). Your border is looking great, Cathy, you’ve chosen your plants well. My Teucrium is just stunning this year and I hope it’ll seed about. The parts in the background in your lawn – are they patches of grass and wildflowers that you leave or is it another border?

    • Yes, patches of grass we didn’t mow. We started doing that last year and have left the same circles this year too. More wild grasses now than flowers, but the insects and birds love it! πŸ™‚ We have just had a bit more rain and I went out in it to cool me down! Have a great weekend Annette!

      • We leave patches of grass to grow too where the bulbs are and the grasses are dominating them as the soil is just too good but what harm. We mow it end of June though. Raining here too at the moment – I’m glad! Have a nice sunday πŸ™‚

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