The Tuesday View: 11th July 2017

This Tuesday my view is looking somewhat dishevelled after a week of heat, thunderstorms and high winds! Whenever the sun appears from behind the clouds it is far too hot to even deadhead the roses, but I don’t think the bees and other visitors mind too much! 😉 Here it is today taken a little further from the left than usual…

The focus is till on the Stipa gigantea in the middle…

… and the single Achillea flower which will hopefully be followed by more to fill in the support.

The Perovskia is turning bluer by the day. Soon the bees will be flocking to it. This one is supposed to be a dwarf form, but is almost as tall as my other one.

It is currently almost impossible to get into the rockery and do much work, even if the weather were cooler, as the planting is close and the slope is steep – and slippery after all the rainshowers we have had. In this picture you can see a little better how steep it is…

Behind/below the yellow Achillea is the Hypericum shrub – it froze back badly in the winter, but has made a remarkable recovery. I usually give it a hard prune in spring, but didn’t need to this year.

Oh, I have just spotted my Buddha in the above photo… I always forget he is there in the summer as he gets lost underneath the Acer!

That’s it for this week. Other Tuesday Views would be more than welcome and in the comments below you will soon find links to others who have already joined me in showing a single view weekly, to record the seasonal changes.

Thanks for visiting!