The Tuesday View: 18th July 2017

It is a perfect summer’s day again today, and the Tuesday View is still looking refreshed from a few cooler days last week. Focusing on this part of the rockery has been extremely satisfying this year so far, as more is in flower than I remember from previous years. And although the dry stony part at the bottom is partly bare ground now after the heatwave, this part I look down on most often is densely planted and thriving!

The first picture is from the side, looking through the Acer. The Perovskia is now in full bloom and the Miscanthus is getting taller.

Most of the rockery is now difficult to see from this angle, so here it is head on, with a freshly mown (and green!) ‘lawn’ beyond.

Not much has changed since last week, but the yellow Achillea is finally setting more buds and growing a bit taller.

Right at the top of the rockery, just in front of where I stand to take the photo, is a lovely pale pink Potentilla fruticosa. It has taken years to get established and is a slightly odd shape, but the flowers are very pretty. When it gets a bit bigger I will trim it into a nicer shape.


Join in if you like, and show us how one view in your garden progresses through the year. Just leave a link below in the comments so we can find you.

And thanks to all those who join me regularly (or even irregularly!).


24 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 18th July 2017

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  2. Beautiful. You wouldn’t guess that just a few days ago you were suffering through some annoying heat and drought. Is that stretch of taller plantings through the center of your lawn a new endeavor? I don’t remember seeing it before.
    So potentilla comes in pink… it’s very nice. They’re one group of plants I haven’t ever touched, but your photo has me thinking 🙂
    I’m very prompt this week. Helps if you put most of the post together the day before 😉

    • Potentillas tend to fade into the background until they flower, usually just as there is a lull in other blooms at the end of June. I have two large and one small yellow one inherited with the garden and give them a hard prune each autumn to keep them looking tidy. The ‘planting’ in the lawn is grass! We started leaving circles unmown last year and noticed how many more butterflies and bees we had in the garden, Also, the birds use it for cover and we think it looks better than a stretch of green/brown! There are lots of wild flowers and grasses in it, but most have gone over now. 🙂

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  4. Your rockery is so lush, Cathy! That perovskia adds much. I’m eager to see just how tall your miscanthus grows. We inherited a few potentilla out front along the gravel driveway, including some pink and some yellow. They are pleasant and easy at their mature, arching size of 3×4′ and tolerate severe pruning which seems to add to the blooms. My perennials this week in BONE DRY Washington:

    • Our giant Miscanthus gets to about 2 metres or more, but rarely flowers. The smaller one in front of it will flower and gets to about 1m 50. I would never recommend the giant one, but it does provide shade for a few other plants! Yes, I prune my potentilla back hard each autumn to keep them in shape – I have two large yellow ones in the top of the rockery too. Hope you get rain soon March! Dry here too this week.

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  6. I really like that Potentilla, Cathy! I’ve been wanting to plant some yellow ones in my gardens somewhere–they’re great for summer-long color, and animals don’t seem to like them! I used to have Achillea in my rock garden, but the woodchucks liked it, and it eventually just disappeared. I recently planted a new one in a bed that usually doesn’t get bothered, so hopefully it will come along and thrive! I see your Lychnis is still blooming, too–I just said today I hadn’t realized it would keep going so long. And of course, the Russian Sage just says high summer! I love it! Here’s my garden this week:

    • Potentillas really are nice structural ‘fillers’ as they are evergreen and start flowering just as the early summer plants are over. A shame about Achillea being tasty to woodchucks – I hope they leave the new one alone! The Russian Sage is just gorgeous. So glad I planted this one after seeing how the one on the other side of the rockery has done so well. I’d love more of it! 🙂

  7. Cathy, your rocalla is beautiful. The Perovskia is flourishing very well. The Miscanthus to see how high it reaches. The yellow Achillea has a lot of buds and has grown a lot. The potentilla in pink is very pretty. Greetings from Margarita.

  8. It is a good performance from this rockery. I have always been afraid of Potentilla of any form since a couple of the smaller creepers have tried to take over my garden. This one is very pretty. Worth the wait for it to develop.

    • The Potentilla fruticosa is not invasive at all. It grows slowly and is very inobtrusive! I know what you mean about the creepers – weeds in my garden but relatively easy to pull out. The yellow flowers are nice, BUT!

    • Glad you joined in this week Jason! The Potentilla is a highly underrated plant – modest for most of the year and then suddenly flowering when you’d forgotten all about it!

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