The Tuesday View: 1st August 2017

Since last Tuesday little has changed in my view, and 36°C is a bit too hot to stand around taking photos, so just a quick post today!

The Perovskia and Achillea stand out, but the Sedums are slowly gaining size and producing big buds ready for the late summer butterfly bonanza.

Meanwhile, here is a view I haven’t shown for a while: the ‘old’ Tuesday View from last year…

By August we get a little shade early afternoon on the corner where the Perovskia is, reducing the glare a little!

Look forward to seeing your views again this week.


30 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 1st August 2017

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    • I hope you have a cool place in the house to escape the worst of the heat. I have had enough of it for this year and am looking forward to September too now. Glad you are back with your view – will be right over to visit! 🙂

  2. Cathy the Perovskia is beautiful. The whole garden looks green and fresh despite the heat you have. Take advantage of the afternoon shade to get some fresh air! And do not spend too much heat. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Thanks Margarita. It has been very hot this summer and I must admit I did nothing after 11am today and stayed indoors with the blinds closed all afternoon! 😉

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  4. 36C sounds very hot! Good thing your achillea, perovskia and sedum can take the heat. I’ve meant to mention it previously, but your plant corrals are beautiful and look sturdy… are they antique?

    • The plant supports are only a few years old, ordered online as I have never seen any like this in garden centres. One has rusted beautifully and the other is unfortunately coated with something to stop it rusting. I prefer the natural look!

  5. we are going through another high heat period, Cathy, and it gets so wearisome. I wouldn’t really mind all that much if I didn’t feel such pressure to keep working in the garden, despite the heat index. We do what we can, right? Your garden always looks lovely to me! 🙂

    • I can really feel for you Debra. At least we know we will get some respite here soon, but your long heatwaves must get you down. Isn’t it silly how we feel pressurized to conform when it comes to our gardens! My tastes have slowly changed as I see what grows well for me, and my garden may look wild and untidy to some but I think I have got to the stage where I just don’t care what others think any more! LOL! I hope you can enjoy your garden again soon Debra.

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  7. It’s lovely – I don’t think there are many flowers with such a cooling effect (visually only!) as Perovskia 🙂 And you’re reminding me that I must locate some Achillea! Hope the temperatures get more comfortable soon!

    • I gave it a sprinkle a couple of times in our very dry period May-June, but I rarely water anything but my containers – all my plants have to fend for themselves! LOL!

  8. I do like the yellow Achillea and purple Russian Sage together, Cathy–I feel like yellow really helps balance things out quite nicely. I’m taking a little break from blogging now. My mother fell quite ill at the end of June and after 4 weeks of hospitalization, she passed away last week. All of the running back and forth I had to do, and still have ahead (she lived 2.5 hours away) has taken a big bite out of the time I have for actual gardening, much less blogging about it!

    • Oh, so sorry Kimberley. My heartfelt sympathy. Must be hard with all that travelling too, and all the arrangements/sorting out to be done. Thinking of you, and hope you have a chance to enjoy your garden again soon. 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Angie! Believe me, I do have moments where I just stop short and admire all that green… and then I see a weed and the moment has gone! LOL! Thanks for visiting!

    • Thanks! Hope you get some moisture soon, although I personally find dry heat is easier to cope with than humidity. The garden loves this weather though!

  9. Sorry, it’s nearly time for the next view and I’m only just getting around to last week’s!
    It does look refreshed from the rain. Good thing too with all the heat and humidity, I find a dry singed garden to be very discouraging to look at, and also the guilt that you should really be doing something about it almost takes the enjoyment out of whatever cold drink you’re sipping in the shade 😉
    Between you and me I’m away next week, but I’ll be back again the week after!

    • You are so right Frank, when the garden looked dry and singed at the end of June I was quite dismal, but now it has recovered and despite the weeds I am enjoying it so much more. Have a great week wherever you may be, and see you next Tuesday for an update I hope! 🙂

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