The Tuesday View: 15th August 2017

It is a beautiful sunny morning and a bank holiday here in Bavaria (Assumption Day). That means it will be a quiet morning until the annual village festival gets going, with loud music! Sadly this event also involves a programme of meat and alcohol, barbecues, pig roasts etc, which are not our cup of tea, so we will be taking a little trip elswhere later. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the meantime, as I focus once again on my Tuesday View, I notice the Acer looking tired and the Golden Rod in full bloom.

But from a different angle it still looks summery, and very green for August…

A swing to the left shows the top of the rockery, with several roses flowering…

The Miscanthus is not ready to flower yet, but a few Asters (Aster pyrenaeus ‘Lutetia’) are starting to open…

And the sedum buds are getting bigger and bigger!

Feel free to join me with ย a Tuesday view, and leave a link in the comments so we can find you.

Have a good week!


37 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 15th August 2017

  1. Glad you have sunshine for your holiday. We awoke to downpours this morning. I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you stake your perovskia? Mine always flops. I’m considering pruning it next year to encourage bushiness.

    • We had a real downpour Tuesday evening after a lovely hot sunny day, and it has flattened the Perovskia again, but because mine are on slopes and they stand up a bit again after drying out I have never felt it necessary to stake them. I know what you mean though, and might also try pruning one of mine around the end of May or early June, just as it starts putting on new growth. The one in this view is supposedly a ‘dwarf’ one, but it is about 4 foot tall! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Wow – 4′ is not dwarf! We’ll have to try pruning next spring. I did prune my asters this year and I’m hoping it’ll eliminate the flopping. Looks promising so far.

        • I pruned one of my asters too, but got cold feet halfway through and now half the clump is much taller than the other half! Good way to compare the results though… will have to post a photo of it when it flowers!

            • I always cut my Perovskia back to about 4 – 6 inches in spring. It is a plant that wants dry conditions, your garden is probably too wet for it; mine don’t usually flop and I never stake them, some of mine must be almost 6 feet tall

              • Wow, 6′ and standing – amazing! Yes, I bet it is too moist for them here (especially this year) even though they are in my raised stone bed, which drains faster than the regular beds. How tall are they when you prune them in spring?

                • I prune them to about 6 inches now they are quite bushy. If we have heavy rain they will fall over but usually they’ll stand back up fairly quickly.

  2. Hi, Cathy. Here in Spain is also the feast of the Assumption and is festive. Your garden looks lovely. The Golden Rod is magnificent and the Asters that begin to blossom promise. I wish you a good week. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Thanks Anna, it was a lovely day, and there were still a few people in the beer tent when we arrived home, despite the pouring rain in the evening!

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  4. I’m not a pig roast/BBQ fan either (and I get heartbroken seeing the whole pig, too). I’m glad you’ve escaped elsewhere. Your garden looks fresh and green, Cathy. It must be fun taking these photos each week for comparison.

    • It is really interesting to watch just the smallest changes through the seasons Alys. I see so much that I had missed in previous years. Perhaps one day I will start showing a monthly photo of one part of the garden in different light situations, as the light can also change the look of the garden dramatically.

  5. I can see a hint of late summer in the acer, but as far as looking tired, nothing! It really looks lush considering the time of year and your summer. Did you do a lot of deadheading?
    Somehow this has become a busy, whirlwind summer. I don’t think I’ve done as much as in other years but the time has just flown and I’ve been struggling to get my Tuesday views all put together sort of on time -even on a bi-weekly schedule ;). Still worth it though, I’m enjoying it, I just wish I could check in on a few other Tuesday Viewers!
    Here’s the link

    • Thanks for linking in again Frank. Summer was exhausting here due to the heat, and I did very little in the garden. Hardly any deadheading and watering even, except for the container plants on the patio. It’s still hot, but looks like it is going to cool down next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sorry not to join you this week Cathy; we were invited out to a Ferragosto lunch and came home at about 10.30 in the evening! I can’t get over how green your garden is this year; you must have had much more rain than last year.

  7. Especially for mid-August you have a really abundant garden and it looks to me like you will have more color yet to come! I had to laugh at your description of the food and festivities associated with the festival. You’re right that it definitely doesn’t sound like your “cup of tea.” I hope you ended up having lovely day doing something more in alignment with your interests! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, we are looking forward to the colour from the acer and then the autumn asters. There is always something new to look at in the garden and surrounding countryside!
      We got home late that Tuesday and there had been a downpour and thunderstorm in the evening, but the village festival was still going on and a few people were still sitting huddled in the beer tent!

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