The Tuesday View: 12th September 2017

The sun came out this afternon after a damp morning, so I was glad I had waited in hope and could take some photos of the Tuesday view in bright sunshine with raindrops glistening everywhere.

The shot above was actually taken whilst balancing on the rock I place my birdbath on, with the pink rose at my feet producing more buds again. If I zoom in we can see the Aster more clearly with the Hypericum and Helianthus behind it.

The next photo is a few steps further to the right, looking down towards the giant Miscanthus at the bottom of the rockery…

Now I have taken a few steps back and am looking towards the pathway that goes down the side of the garden. You can see what a tangle the lovely Clematis tangutica becomes on this large-but-not-large-enough obelisk. I can also detect noticeable brownish-orange tinges to the Acer.

And as we walk down the path and look left, between the Clematis and the Acer we can see my beloved dwarf Miscanthus ‘Adagio’ in front of the giant Miscanthus. Teucrium, Sedum, Perovskia and yellow Potentilla complete the picture.

I wonder what pleasures your garden is bringing as the seasons change. If you would like to join me in posting a view of one part of your garden each week, just leave a link below in the comments so that we can find you.


Have a lovely week!


13 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 12th September 2017

    • Thanks Joanna! It has been too damp to do any ‘tidying’ here, so everything is looking a little neglected, but that is fitting for the time of year I feel!

  1. Lovely as usual. I esp. like the combo of teucrium, perovskia and grasses. Summer is winding down, for sure. Another week passes without my sharing my view, but I can barely manage to get IAVOM done. I must plan better! Cheers!

    • It all depends on the weather too, doesn’t it. An hour after taking these photos it was raining again! Hope to see your view again soon Eliza, and I am sure the changing seasons will be more noticeable by next week for both of us. 🙂

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    • Thanks Amelia. It certainly is bursting! LOL! When I made my Monday vase this week I wanted to climb in and cut so many things, but it was too wet and slippery in the rockery!

  3. I hope that you get more sun as the week goes on Cathy. You did well to wait until the afternoon to take your photo. Here it has been too wet and windy to do much in the way of gardening for a few days but hopefully things will improve in a day or two.

    • About an hour after taking these photos it started raining again Anna! So I was really lucky. Grey today, but looks better by the end of the week. 🙂

  4. What spectacular shots, Cathy, taken from atop a high perch! I enjoyed the wider expanse. I’m currently thinking about what flowering color choices I will add to my potted areas in switching from summer color to fall. It’s finally cool enough I can at least consider moving forward!

    • It is cool here too now Debra… 6°C tonight! I have redone some of my pots for autumn colours too – Erica, Heuchera and some silvery foliage. 🙂

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