In a Vase on Monday: Pink and Gold

This time last week I was travelling back from the UK after a wonderful weekend on the North Norfolk coast with my family to celebrate my Mum and Dad’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary. (That is 60 years!) The sky was not quite as stormy as today’s, but a rather strange golden colour, which I later learned was Sahara sand and smoke from forest fires in Portugal, whipped up in the ex-hurricane Ophelia crossing Ireland. But that same storm had sent warm air up the East coast on Saturday and Sunday for us to enjoy views like this…

Aaah, bliss! (With air temperatures above 20°C I even took the plunge – literally – and went for a brief dip in the sea, but the water was coooold!)

Despite grey and showery weather today, I enjoyed returning to my Monday routine of gathering flowers for a vase, albeit from a now very autumnal garden, so that I could join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden  for her weekly meme. Cathy is travelling this week, but has still posted a vase full of her lovely Cosmos. I hope to catch up soon on all your wonderful vases from last week as well. 😉

I think the dark skies in the background are a good contrast for some colourful flowers!

And below, photographed from a slightly different angle, you can just make out the colourful hills in the background – on the other side of our valley.

The Cosmos are standing up well to wind and rain, and I have also included the last of my Anemones. But the pinky red Persicaria Firetail is the predominant flower in this vase – it makes the garden glow and is still sending up new buds.

Below, the lovely no-name Aster, given to me by my dear blogging friend Annette , is flowering beautifully. I have paired it with the chocolatey leaves and creamy white flowers of Persicaria Red Dragon, and my “Gold Aster” – Chrysopsis speciosa ‘Sunnyshine’ – to highlight the yellow centres.

Also added were a few white Scabiosa and some of the white annual Verbena…

The delicate Persicaria flowers are embracing my Zebra grass seed head – the first it has ever produced! Another looks like it is about to emerge, so I have cut this one to enjoy indoors.

Thanks once again to Cathy for hosting. 🙂

Have a great week!