The Tuesday View: 24th October 2017

It’s been two weeks since my last Tuesday View, and the differences are noticeable… what happened to the leaves on the Acer?!

As you can see, it is looking very autumnal. Looking across from the pathway the view has now opened up as the acer has returned to a skeletal form and the Golden Rod has been partially removed.

I can now see the crisp upright Calamogrostis and Zebra grass as I walk down past the acer…

… at the bottom of the path, looking back up, the freshly trimmed box is also visible after cutting back the peony foliage which was lying flat and already decomposing.

The lovely Aster Alma PΓΆtschke has gone over – its moment of glory was brief, but I did make the most of it this year and cut lots to bring indoors. The Perovskia is now a ghost of its former self, but with no flowers left to weigh it down it can at least stand to attention before it is pruned for winter.

The beautiful Miscanthus ‘Adagio’ will continue to look pretty for some time, and my Hypericum has surprised me with some amazing new growth and fresh flowers. There is one single Lychnis flower among the Teucrium too…

I am hoping the first frost will come late this year, and will then be followed by some mild sunny days to tidy up after it!

Finally, a couple of shots of the old Tuesday View from last year, dominated by the spiky red flowers of Persicaria Firetail…

I look forward to seeing your views too, and if you wish to share them please leave a comment below with a link. πŸ™‚


37 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 24th October 2017

  1. Autumn has its own beauty, doesn’t it? We’ve had a very warm and humid weather in South Carolina most of this month, but the temperature dipped last night and (thankfully) it looks like the weeks ahead will be more seasonal.

  2. I am awaiting the first frost too. This week it is predicted and we are to have our first freezing nights. Brrr. Your little slice of heaven is quite nice for this time of year. I bet that little boxwood is thrilled to be exposed again.

    • πŸ™‚ I had to trim the box as soon as it was uncovered as it looked untidy and neglected! I’d love to have a go at making some kind of topiary now my bushes are a decent size… πŸ˜‰ Hope that frost stays at bay Lisa!

  3. The layers in that last round photo makes a nice shot. Autumn! It always amazes how different the landscape looks once the leaves drop. Vistas open and the light once again penetrates to the forest floor. Not much to look at in my garden these days except a few calendula and nicotiana. Rain and gusty winds are tearing the leaves off trees in billows today.

    • With bare trees or just some yellowing leaves the light is so different, and I think that makes the autumn so special. Our hillsides are at their peak now, but with a lot of evergreens mixed in and the few larches I can see are just starting to turn golden. They will be the last bit of colour in November along with a few lingering beech leaves. πŸ™‚ Wishing you a bit of sunshine Eliza!

  4. How beautiful! It has been so nice to watch your garden thoughout the season. Most of the trees are bare here. Fall gardens have a kind of wild beauty to them, I think! I’m still enjoying mine, even though there isn’t much left to look at in the way of flowers.

    • Oh yes, ‘wild beauty’ is a very good description Joanna. πŸ™‚ Autumn is the time for winding down and I appreciate the fact that there is little to do right now except tidy away pots and things. I find ithe garden attractive until about December, and then I just despair and wonder if it will ever be green again!

  5. Your view is looking very different; there must have been a strong wind while you were away; talking of wind yesterday it blew crazily all day, I could hardly stand of against it at some times; I’ll post my view later in the week.

  6. It looks nice enough, and I love the way the grasses lay about and how the perovskia is taking on a new character…. but as you know I’m not the biggest fan of autumn. All those falling leaves and drying seedheads make me want to sit in front of the television and eat fried foods. It could just be that I’ve been out of the garden too long, and the weather is dry again, but I’m going to pass on my own Tuesday view this week and just enjoy yours!
    I should snap out of this by next week πŸ˜‰

    • Well, I have been rather lazy so far and am waiting for everything to collapse and look a real mess before doing the proper tidy up. November is always so grey and damp though that I also feel like just staying indoors and eating unhealthy food! LOL! I might just post some old photos next Tuesday as nothing much has changed in the last few days and a storm is forecast for Sunday and Monday so it could look pretty unphotogenic! So I shall look forward to seeing your view next week instead. πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend!

  7. It’s such a mixed time of year, isn’t it? Enjoying the last few blooms and admiring the structure of grasses and seedheads, whilst suppressing the urge to tidy everything up!

  8. Cathy, it’s nice to see your autumn view. I’m smiling at the idea of a frost, followed by sunny cleanup days. I hope you get your wish. We’ve had the strangest October here with two, record-breaking heat waves. We’re still wearing sandals and sleepless dresses. Today (October 30) is the first true fall day of the month. Our Acer has a few drying leaves but it is still green. It will be interesting to see how it slips into fall. Your’s is already there.

    Sorry to be absent from your posts for so long. I hope you are doing well. xo

    • Hi Alys. Always good to hear from you. I do hope things are looking up in your part of the world after such a terrible October. We had the first frost last night… not really dramatic but the end of the summer flowers nonetheless. Too cold today to start tidying up though! My poor acer is shivering with no leaves left at all! It should be a bit milder in the next few days but until I get acclimatised to winter tempertaures I have got two pullovers on!!! πŸ™‚

      • It’s amazing how quickly the temperatures drop in the northern climates. We never have that dramatic turn, but I do remember it from my years in Ontario, Canada. It would be so cold that it would hurt to breathe, and the winds would cut right through you. Lots of good excuses to enjoy hot tea, cocoa or soup. We’re just now seeing cooler evening temps, but both my tomatoes are still flowering. Isn’t that crazy? I’ve harvested a few more of the cherry tomatoes, but they aren’t nearly as sweet now. One cold night and they’ll be done for.

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  12. Although the garden does take on a stark look right now, it’s really pretty in its own way! I like autumn and always think the bare brush signals everything is ready to enjoy a nice rest. Including the gardener perhaps! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, a rest will be good once everything is tidied up. I have got a lot done the last couple of days, and the wool I ordered for a winter project has arrived and is waiting in the background! πŸ˜‰

  13. Cathy your garden is the typical autumnal print. The Acer already naked, some flowers, the beautiful Miscanthus … The beautiful autumn colors begin to settle ….. Your garden is beautiful! In mine the pergola covered by virgin vineyard (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) the leaves have been dyed red: it is beautiful. The Hosta are drying their leaves to die the aerial part and come back out bigger in spring. The Hydrangea also loses its leaf in yellow colors. I am no longer in the country house, I am in my flat in Madrid with my parents, but that is what I remember of how the garden was when I left a little over 10 days ago. Greetings from Margarita.

    • Thank you Margarita. I am glad you have been able to see your garden, even if only briefly, to enjoy the autumn colours. It is very cold here now – sleet and snow forecast for tonight.

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