In a Vase on Monday: Last Dance

November has begun true to its reputation – wet, chilly and grey! All the more reason to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden with her weekly meme to brighten up the house with a vase. 🙂

The Persicaria Firetail is still flowering like mad, but apart from that there is not much left now and so the last flowers have been cut before the spoil… hence the title, the last dance – their last chance to shine!

I used a rectangular vase for a change, although I am not a fan of straight lines and angular shapes, but this seemed just the right size to keep the stems upright and create a slightly different effect to my usual vases.

The star at the centre is my Morina longifolia (correction 8th Nov). It has never flowered this late before, so I must have cut it back just in time for it to rejuvenate. It is one of the few prickly plants I really like (those leaves are Really Prickly) and I have never used it in a vase before. I hope the last buds will open too.

The two last buddleia flowers have been included – the dwarf ‘Buzz Velvet’, shown below with Persicaria Red Dragon and Pennisetum…

And the yellow Buddleia weyeriana ‘Sungold’ – I was especially pleased that it finally flowered as I thought it had died last winter. It recovered slowly and this is the only flower it has produced! (Photographed here next to the fascinating Zebra grass).

I also cut the last unspoiled Scabiosa Snowmaiden, one semi-decent Cosmos, the last of the pretty unnamed Asters, Persicaria Red Dragon, some grasses and (of course!) some spiky Persicaria Firetail flowers.

Having chosen this title I just could not get this song out of my head… it’s an old favourite (I loved Donna Summer when I was a teenager!) and here is the video of the Queen of Disco herself singing ‘Last Dance’. (Love the hat!) 😉

Hope your week gets off to a good start and you have some sunny moments!