The Tuesday View: 21st November 2017 – Looking Back

Since little has changed recently in my early winter garden, and since it is pouring with rain right now, kthis week my Tuesday View is a review of the year to remind myself of how this part of the rockery develops. In fact, this was the whole point of posting photos each week; to follow progress and spot gaps or particularly successful or not so successful planting combinations. I have also been able to see how various plants cope with the conditions they face throughout the seasons in this stony bed.

I started posting photos of this view in April… doesn’t that seem like a long time ago now!

And isn’t that spring sunshine lovely? (Sigh… we are stuck in the damp fog of November right now!)

Within just two weeks the view had been transformed, with the Acer and other trees in the background leafing out and the Viburnum ‘Aurora’ in full flower… it smelt gorgeous!

From then on progress was rapid: here is a gallery of May, and you can click on any picture to see a slideshow…

June brought the Lysimachia into flower, which eventually meant changing the angle I took my photos. It was a very dry month too, but fortunately ended with several days of showers.

In early July the garden managed to recover from the long drought and was surprisingly lush for the time of year! I was very impressed with the Teucrium and Hypericum standing up to the heat, and glad to see my pink Potentilla finally flower well.

The following month was hot and very humid, and it was hard to believe it was August considering how green everything was; usually the grass is brown, and the rockery is looking frazzled. But the moisture kept everything looking fresh and healthy.

September is a beautiful time of year. It is when I breathe out and enjoy the garden most of all… the heat is over and I no longer need worry that things may burn or dry out. The rockery was still very green and I think the Teucrium – which spread throughout the bed – contributed to retaining moisture. The grasses also started looking good. My favourite season…

The Acer never fails to put on a good show in October, and the asters flowered intensely too, some right through into November. By the end of the month I could finally return to my original spot to take the photos, as a lot of plants were cut down or died back.

To sum up my thoughts: it is pleasing to see that for seven or eight months of the year the rockery has been attractive from various angles and hardly any plants suffered seriously from the heat. A couple of spots need attention, and fighting the ground elder in spring is always a problem, but overall I am a satisfied gardener!

I wonder how you feel about your gardening year. Were there any particular highlights – good or bad? Have you been able to pinpoint problem areas or gain inspiration from successful planting?

The Tuesday View posts have, for me, served their purpose. So I will not continue with them over winter. But I do hope all those who have joined me over the past months will continue sharing their views as long as they can.

Thanks to you all!


12 thoughts on “The Tuesday View: 21st November 2017 – Looking Back

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  2. I’m glad you feel satisfied with your view Cathy; and so you should. It has proved interesting and beautiful for virtually the whole summer. It was also fascinating to see how the change of light through the seasons changed the appearance of the rockery. I’ll try to carry on posting at least every couple of weeks until there are no changes at all in my view. Here’s today’s post:

  3. It’s wonderful to have such a record of your garden’s life! I can imagine, too, that it’s nice to look at the photos when the winter doldrums hit. I am so much happier with my garden now that I’ve dedicated so much space to natives and drought tolerant plants. I am noticing the seasons differently, and although temperatures don’t vary that much from month to month, the plants still have seasonal attributes. I do think it’s delightful to pay attention to the changes and note which plants do well and which might benefit from being moved to another space. 🙂

    • So true Debra – looking through my photos really lifted my spirits at the weekend! We have had so much grey weather but the sun managed to break through the fog today and it makes such a difference to my mood. Keeping this record makes me notice tiny changes more, and that gives me a lot of pleasure. 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend Debra!

  4. How interesting to see the seasonal changes in one post and what an excellent photographic record to be able to refer to and inform any future tweaks. I hope that perhaps you have a break from that damp fog today. Wet and windy here.

    • It really is a useful way of remembering what grows where Anna, especially with spring bulbs. We did indeed have a break from the November fog today and the sun broke through. I immediately went out into the garden of course! Walking down near the canal later in the day the mist was swirling around our heads again though!

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