In a Vase on Monday: Yippee for Hippee…astrums!

No vase today I’m afraid. I think this picture may explain why…

But not to fear, I have a card up my sleeve and some Hippeastrums (Amaryllis) on my windowsills!

This is Jewel…

Jewel has produced one very tall stem and one very short, both flowering at the same time. I like its simplicity. Just white, no frills.

And this is Lady Jane…

I really like this one, not least because it has flowered at the perfect height of about 20cm, requiring no support whatsoever. And it is a lovely peachy orange colour with pretty markings.

Now go and visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, the host of this weekly meme which encourages us to find things from our gardens to plonk in a vase. (And forgive me for cheating a little this week! 😉 )

56 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Yippee for Hippee…astrums!

  1. You are not going to cut them then… 😉 Your garden looks very picturesque with your snow, and your hippeastrums are gorgeous, especially Jewel – just so perfect. As well as the 3 I bought from Aldi to plant as a group I have just been given another one for my birthday so I have some joys to come too

    • 😉 I seriously considered cutting the tall white one, but it looked so pretty against the window with the snow in the background! Oh, Many Happy Returns Cathy! Hope you had a lovely birthday. The only ones on sale potted up here are plain old red, which is also lovely, but I do like a bit of variety.

  2. Yikes! That snow’s no joke. Homes all around me are already decorated with icicle lights, which is as close to snow as I expect I’ll get. Your Hippeastrums are lovely and make me wish I’d gotten and earlier start in potting up my own.

    • The snow has mostly melted already Kris, but more is forecast for the weekend! I’m sure it’s not too late to pot some Hippeastrums up Kris. They are so cheerful indoors when the days are so dark!

  3. Don’t gardens always look pretty in the snow. Those white ones are just wonderful, so delicately pretty and snow on your blog page too! It’s milder here this week, not exactly warm but nothing is freezing.

    • I agree Alison – the first snow makes everything look clean and tidy! I am glad you can see the wordpress snow… I use my computer to save and upload photos, but usually use my iPad where it isn’t visible!

  4. Hello Cathy, snow on your website! I love how you do it! It was a perfect snowfall to be accompanied by two beautiful and divine Ladies. Jewel is white and perfect, marvellous. Lady Jane is beautiful and has a beautiful color sometimes pure and others blurred, magnificent. No wonder they want to be inside the house! Do not lose the heat Cathy. Greetings from Margarita.

  5. I had to look and see where you’re located regarding the snow. We didn’t have any snow here yet, but not too far north of us winter arrived overnight with a snowstorm. Enjoy your beautiful indoor blooms!

  6. I always feel like celebrating when mine finally bloom. I have only one growing right now, Apple Blossom. It is an old type. I have never had it though. Huge bulb is sending up second stalk all ready . Two reasons to celebrate!

  7. Oh, my, that’s a very respectable snowfall, Cathy! Your Hippeastrums are wonderful. I’ve never grown the doubles before; yours are lovely! I potted one up weeks ago, and all that has happened is that the cut ends have turned green and become a little ragged. No chance at all of it flowering before Christmas, I’m afraid. I am wishing I had ordered from my usual supplier, though this company has a good reputation. At least the bulb is clearly alive!

    • Sometimes my Amaryllis take a couple of months to show any signs of life, but the four bulbs I have this year all started growing as soon as I potted them up. There are lots of buds to come! 🙂

  8. A blanket of snow always seems to peaceful. It looks gorgeous, Cathy, though I see in comments that it’s since melted. I’m glad your Amaryllis are in beautiful bloom. I love the white one, which suggests winter and spring, all at the same time. I hope you’re enjoying some cozy time indoors.

    • Hi Alys. We have had more snow since then and everything is white again! It was so quiet as the snow fell this afternoon – no traffic, and the birds taking cover. I stayed indoors with my crochet hook! 😉

  9. Oh that’s not cheating Cathy but creative thinking. Jewel and Lady Jane are both delights. I may be following your lead soon. We’re predicted serious snow tomorrow (not that there’s much out there in bloom now) and I have a hippeastrum that might just oblige on Monday 🙂

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