In a Vase on Monday: Once in a Blue Moon

This week we will not only see the second full moon within one calendar month, but also the third of four full moons for this season, making it a ‘blue moon’. This doesn’t happen very often – hence the saying ‘Once in a blue moon’.

Now, if only I had one of those lovely Chinese moon flask vases to use for my Monday vase as I join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden once again… but this round one comes pretty close:

Now, what can I put in it?! Well, after searching the soggy garden I did manage to find something suitable…

Some lovely long hazel catkins, a hellebore from the patio pots and some hellebore leaves, grasses, and a few sprigs of St John’s Wort that hasn’t died back at all this winter. The sparkly white candle is left over from Christmas (I couldn’t bear to light it as it is so pretty) and is included here to symbolize the full moon. πŸ™‚

I also filled another small vase with a hellebore and some Heuchera – the tiny pottery vase was bought at the Christmas markets with snowdrops in mind, but the little green shoots of my snowdrops are only just showing…

If you are in the northern hemisphere, I wonder if you have got snowdrops yet?

Have a good week, wherever you are!

62 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: Once in a Blue Moon

    • These catkins are the longest I have ever had! Some of the other bushes also have long ones, but many are still very short and not open, although they are next to each other. The hellebores have been flowering in their patio pots all winter, only wilting for a few days when we had a particularly cold spell.

  1. Oh that vase is stunning, and your catkins and hellebore really do it jusice as does the pristine white candle – a wonderful overal effect. YOur teeny tiny vase s lovely too, and as ayou say, it will be perfect for your snowdrops when they finally come to visit!

  2. Cathy the blue and white vase is beautiful. And its content even more. Hazel’s Amentos are very long and beautiful with their greenish-yellow color. The Hellebore I love with its leaves. It is a really nice vase. The white candle so big and round is beautiful. The small vase is cute and I love its flowers. I hope you have Snowdrops soon to put them on it. May you also have a happy week. Greetings from Margarita

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate the full moon….the vase just on its own is beautiful, however the catkins and hellebores make this midwinter arrangement. Clever you.

    • Hi Alison. These hellebores have kept going in their pots all winter… it was worth buying fresh plants that have been grown to flower for Christmas, and they will go in the garden in spring. πŸ™‚

  4. Both of your arrangements are absolutely lovely. Not easy to find a vase and a candle that so nicely complement the moon theme. But now I am going to have to go looking to see what a Chinese moon flask is. I can’t imagine it is prettier than the vase you used.

  5. Oh, do enjoy the blue moon Cathy! I’m hoping our skies clear in time. Yours is a gorgeous vase, those hazel catkins dripping with personality and beauty. I didn’t know what you meant by Chinese moon flask vase but recognized the shape immediately when I googled it. Love your hellebores.

  6. Both vases (containers and contents) are wonderful! Thanks for explaining the “blue moon” references I’ve seen. Our moon has a hazy halo around it this evening but hopefully clear skies will show it in its glory on the 31st. There are no snowdrops here – I expect they don’t like dry conditions and you couldn’t get much drier than we are now.

    • Snowdrops don’t do as well here as in the UK, where people pay horrendous prices for special ones. But it has been a very wet winter here so they should do well for once! πŸ™‚

  7. That looks amazing together Cathy. I paint florals and never think to fill my room with real ones anymore lol maybe a branch of Witch Hazel πŸ™‚

  8. Your vase is so perfect with those graceful, long hazel catkins! What a lovely set of bouquets, Cathy! πŸ™‚

  9. Oh that’s fabulous Cathy! Those gorgeous flowers complement and echo the shape of both the vase and your moon. I’m looking forward to seeing that blue moon tonight and also watching a programme on BBC1 tonight called ‘The Wonders Of The Moon’.

    • Thank you! I am so glad I took a good look at the moon last night as it has clouded over tonight! Enjoy that programme Anna, sounds really nice. πŸ™‚

  10. You’re so clever, Cathy. The references to the Blue Moon are perfect, and I love the vase and candle. I’m a lot like you in not burning a beautiful candle, but I sometimes think that’s a little like my grandmother who refused to wear the beautiful night clothes we’d buy her. She’d keep them wrapped in tissue saying they were too pretty to wear. LOL! Anyway…beautiful vases this week. And I’ll add my comment to the list of others in wild appreciation of those catkins!

    • Thank you Debra! I know how your grandmother felt… If I have something new, be it clothes, a candle or whatever, I often put it away for a while before using it! πŸ˜‰
      The catkins are quite something, I agree!

  11. J > It’s also an exceptionally propitious month for blog posts about full moons and the frequency of their occurrence ; presumably that’s why there’s so many. ;~) I hadn’t been aware of the facts, but as it happens I thought to myself, last night, that’s a huge great moon there … and haven’t I seen one as big as that not very long ago. Which must mean that they really are noticeably bigger!

    • Apparently, scientifically speaking, there is barely any noticeable difference in size, but weather conditions can make it appear larger. We had a lovely haze around ours the day before it was completely full. Then unfortunately it clouded over on the 31st! πŸ™‚

    • Alder are lovely too, and a rarity here. We have dozens of hazels that have set themselves around the perimeters of the garden and keep the squirrels busy late summer!

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