In a Vase on Monday: A Rainbow of Flowers

Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, who hosts this weekly meme, has posted a beautiful photo of her vase from Scotland this week and it seems they had some glorious sunshine on Easter Sunday.

Here, April began true to its reputation; with wind, rain, hail, sleet and tiny bursts of sunshine in between. Luckily I had picked my flowers for today’s vase on Saturday, for a table decoration on Saturday evening.  🙂



I went out between showers with the scissors and a little bowl in my hands, wondering if I would find enough for a small arrangement, and what a pleasant surprise it was to find I could stuff this vase full! The vase has two compartments, each with three ‘vases’, and is perfect for short-stemmed flowers.

In the above picture, from left to right:

Red Bellis (from a spring pot), Pink Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa), purple and yellow crocus, small Narcissus, purple Primula, blue Glory of the Snow, blue Hepatica, Hazel catkins, Early Harvest tulip, Viola, another daffodil, more crocuses and a creamy yellow primula, pink scilla, a snowdrop (possibly the last), more of the same and in the last vase the early pink tulip I still haven’t identified, a white crocus, and the first Pulmonaria to flower in pink and white.

Thanks to Cathy as always, and a wonderful week to you all!

69 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: A Rainbow of Flowers

  1. Oh a veritable rainbow indeed Cathy. I do like your conjoined vase. Our April has started in a similar vein to yours weather wise. We’ve even had some snow this morning. Hope that you have a good week too.

  2. A vases that makes my heart sing, Cathy! Time to shrink and appreciate the little things. Perfect vase for Easter. Weather was lovely yesterday and I got quite a few things done but windy again today and pretty chilly but the birds are singing and say ‘spring is here’…or maybe I or they got it wrong?! 😉 Happy Easter Monday 🙂

    • No, spring really is here now Annette! It is warm and sunny today and I am sitting looking at a wonderful countryside view right now with birdsong all around me! 🙂

  3. What a rainbow of color you have here. It is so delightful. Perks up my winter weary eyes and spirit. Happy IAVOM.

    • Thanks Terri! We are enjoying some wonderful and very welcome spring sunshine today. It is actually warm enough to sit outside (in a sheltered spot!)

  4. Oh, I love that vase and your selection looks so bright and cheerful! Makes me want to collect flowers and do the same in little bottles or jars!

  5. A perfect celebration of spring bursting forth in your garden! Your conjoined vases are filled to perfection!

  6. Cathy that multiple vase so beautiful! They looked like eggs from above! I love. I feel the bad weather you have. In Spain we have a saying: “In April thousand waters”. Returning to the vase and its wonderful content: it made me smile and you brought me spring. It is magnificent how you have combined the different and beautiful flowers with their colors and sizes to each other in this multiple vase; and the number of flower varieties you’ve put: I love them all. But Chionodoxa, purple and yellow crocus, blue hepatica, Viola, Scilla pink, pink and white Pulmonaria are my favorites. I wish you a wonderful week too. Greetings from Margarita. 🙂

  7. What a fun arrangement you’ve created – it cries Spring and Easter all at once. A whimsical and joyous little thing it is too!

    I did much the same as you too, picking my own flowers for my vase on Saturday to enjoy over the Easter weekend.

  8. You really put together the sweetest little assortment of colorful buds in a simply marvelous vase! You really celebrated spring this week, Cathy!

    • I did Debra! Yes, we have some really warm weather at last – over 20°C today, and I was looking in vain for shade on our dog walk this afternoon! I am sure I will acclimatise soon. 😉

    • At the Easter weekend the best place to appreciate those flowers was definitely inside, but the past couple of days have been so wonderfully warm and sunny and I have been working out in the garden again at last! 🙂

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