Indoor Colour for Winter-Weary Eyes

A few really warm days with lots of sunshine (and showers – hey, it’s April!) have got me outdoors in the garden at last. But indoors some of my houseplants caught my eye as the evening sun shone on them the other evening. What glorious colour!

Above, a beautiful Begonia I bought last year. I am proud to say it has flourished… I am not terribly good at looking after houseplants, but this one is easy. If it needs watering it droops noticeably. Then immediately recovers once given a drink.

I have several Kalanchoe (Flaming Katie) in various colours – also very easy to care for – but this one is new to me…

I couldn’t believe those gorgeous bell-shaped flowers belong to the same family. The thick dark green leaves are a tell-tale sign identifying them clearly. I just hope this one is as undemanding as its sisters!

Do you have some indoor colour?

35 thoughts on “Indoor Colour for Winter-Weary Eyes

    • Lovely. I only grew Cuphea once, in a summer container, but would like to try and keep one indoors one year. My Abutilons that I grew from seed last spring have also started flowering again! πŸ™‚

  1. Beautiful indoor color….I need to add more and plan to this year, but oh we are winter weary right now as temps are in the low 30s hovering near freezing with lots of wind and windchills in the teens and 20s…rain/snow mix means winter weather still persists they say until late next week….we hope it will break sooner! Glad you weather has finally warmed.

  2. Like you I’m not very good with plants indoors; I think that’s why I prefer cut flowers!! But I’m hoping the new room will be home to some winter flowering plants, like Chloris has in her new greenhouse.

  3. Oh yes, that evening light is magical! Your photography really does it justice, too. I don’t know what I’d do without my sunroom in this climate. Having plants indoors during the winter (and a place to close them off from the cats!) really helps me make it through.

  4. I love begonias. I wish I had room to bring in many during winter but I don’t. I have only two that I bring in. Not a whole lot of color inside. A few orchids blooming and one begonia. Much appreciated this time of year. Have a good weekend.

    • I am hopeless with orchids! They hate me! πŸ˜‰ They always look gorgeous in other people’s homes though. Enjoy your weekend too Lisa.

  5. Hi Cathy, I just came across your blog recently and have been enjoying going back through your posts. I love that kalanchoe, it’s so unusual! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that before. I only have two houseplants currently: a small ivy plant that has unintentionally taken on a red color because it burned in a sunny window (I live in the southwestern US and we have strong sun here), and a philodendron which is surprisingly healthy given my black thumb. I have some more colorful plants outdoors, thankfully. If I relied on only houseplants, I’d be out of luck. πŸ™‚

    • Glad you are enjoying my posts Jennifer! So you are more an outdoor gardener too. I don’t actually know the names of some of my houseplants, but in the garden it is another matter! LOL! Have a good weekend.

  6. Hello Cathy. I love your Begonia: and it has blossomed! How well you take care of them, I had beggars rex for many years and they never bloomed. The Flaming Katie Kalanchoes are divine with their bell-shaped flowers. And several colors: I love it. I had never seen them. And I have also had kalanchoes. You have good hands for indoor plants. Now I do not have any indoor plants except in the country house. There I have two giant pots of Aspidistra eliator and two pots of Tradescantia pallida, which we water them when we leave and with the cold that it makes in the house that is of the XIX century and the cracks that it has in the front door to the street, They keep themselves until Spring. Here in Madrid I do not have any plants because in the summer I’m not here and there’s nobody who can come and water them and they’ll be hot. Have a happy weekend. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

    • The Begonia is the sort that barely flowers and produces big colourful leaves. I should like an Aspidistra too – also an easy houseplant I think. When will you go back to your house on the country Margarita?

      • Cathy will return to my country house when my Mother recovers from a great costipado that she has had. We want to leave this week, but it depends on the weather as it is. The Aspidistra is very easy to take care of and to propagate: they grow of a species of rhizome or very thick common root. With a knife cut a piece of four or five leaves (so it holds better) and the plants with soil of indoor plants in a pot, you water them well and that’s it. To which you have removed the leaves you fill the hole with dirt and water it and it continues as well. Aspidistra leaves will seize securely. It is also a plant that you can have it from darkness to half a sonbra. Do not give direct sunlight because it burns leaves. It is the first plant that Queen Victoria had in the Palace without a greenhouse, because although it is cold and drafts do not affect it. I have already written too much. Take care. Greetings from Margarita.

  7. Wow now you have me icing my knee to go back out to my favorite greenhouse to see if these are here in New England. πŸ™‚ I have no currant plants besides my two Orchids from mom’s home which look gorgeous but are waiting on warmth just like me. Art now is the color in my home lol but I have been out gathering old empty pots and sharing with another local garden club for their sale coming up now my yard will get some serious changes mapped out so I will go back through your posts and pick out some varieties you have and do a search so many changes I can not wait to share. I bought a tractor finally as this old body will welcome the help. Hope you are doing well and again great blog xo

    • Thanks Eunice. Hey, a tractor will be useful! The gardening season must surely start soon for you too. Hope you get some warmer weather this week!

      • It’s coming hope to get Peas in today I am 6 weeks from last killing frost so they say but have had it happen in JUNE!

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